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Crate Training

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seadog1977 Mon 27-Jul-20 17:49:02

Posting on behalf of my brother who has just got a jack Russell. 8 weeks old . First night puppy cried all night .

Any tips will be appreciated on how to get a puppy to settle.

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ViperBugloss Mon 27-Jul-20 20:53:03

Initially crate training and getting your puppy to settle are two different things.

The puppy to start with will be very lost away from its littermates so you need to comfort the puppy to start with. Sleep near the puppy and stroke the puppy if distressed or crying. This may mean sleeping in the room with the puppy or having the puppy sleep in the bedroom.

If sleeping in a crate have the crate close to you so you can reach out and comfort the puppy.

This stage may only last a few days (depends on the puppy) as the puppy gets used to its new surroundings you can move the puppy away from you - but do this very slowly.

Crate training needs to be done separately. In the day time drop treats into the crate so when the puppy goes in to the crate it is a great place to be. Feed the puppy in the crate. When the puppy falls asleep in the crate gently lift into the crate but you stay close - I would not be shutting the door at all at this stage.

this book will help you as well

nicky7654 Tue 28-Jul-20 10:19:25

When I got a puppy 5 years ago I bought a run and ok it the crate inside. This way my pup could move freely and eat and drink and go to the toilet on puppy pads so the crate was only used for sleep. Had no issues at all. If pup is shut in a cage at night then he/she has to use it for a toilet and the water bowl could get knocked over and wet the bedding.

sian1971 Sun 02-Aug-20 20:42:44

When we brought our 8-week-old puppy home, she slept in her crate and my partner slept on the sofa in the same room as her (living room). He did that for 3 nights before sleeping back upstairs in the bedroom. She whimpered a little on the fourth night for about 2 minutes and then slept.

Reedwarbler Mon 03-Aug-20 22:21:42

My puppy was tiny at 8 weeks. I put her in a cat carrier on the bed next to my pillow and got up to take her out if she became fidgety. She never cried! I have had quite a few puppies and this was the first time I had done this, but it worked well. Tiny puppies just away from their mothers need warmth, comforting and toileting throughout the night, and this goes on for some weeks.

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