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High kidney enzymes & calcium levels

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OrSomeSortOfWokAtTheVeryLeast Sun 26-Jul-20 20:33:55

As title says, my girl is currently in the vets. A few weeks ago she started drinking huge amounts and urinating alot more due to this. I picked up on it straight away. Appetite dropped slightly.

Trip 1 to the vet, blood test taken and slightly raised white cells. Slightly raised temp. Antibiotic injection and anti inflammatory injection given. Come back in 2 days.

Trip 2. Slight improvement but appetite not great. Another Antibiotic injection and blood test. White cells had lowered slightly and no temp. Given 5 days of antibiotics to start in 2 days as covered by injection. If shes back to normal no need to go back.

By the end of antibiotics she wasnt eating at all. I tried cooking fresh chicken which tempted her to a degree but then she refused that. Wouldnt touch any dog food at all, wet or dry. Only thing she willing ate was steak. Yes I got to the level of buying her steak just to get her to eat blush

Trip 3. Friday just gone, back we go. Another blood test. Calcium levels are showing as high. Takes another test to be sent to the lab. Gives steroid injection to try and kick her appetite back. Still wouldnt eat dog food but ate other human food and another steak, most enthusiastic she had been in a while about food. Told to come back Monday for xrays.

Saturday morning get a phone call to say another part of the blood test has come back, her kidney enzymes are high and we need to bring her in to go on a drip ASAP.

She is still on the drip and is having her xrays tomorrow. She hasn't eaten since being at the vets.

I know this isn't looking good, I just wondered if anyone has any experience of either or both of these things and what the diagnosis was, I just want to know what the outcome might be. Shes only 7 and I thought we would have her for a while longer yet sad

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AriettyHomily Sun 26-Jul-20 21:23:11

Have they checked glucose levels?

OrSomeSortOfWokAtTheVeryLeast Sun 26-Jul-20 21:55:36

Thanks for your reply. They said they were doing more tests, but im not sure of specifics. I will ask tomorrow when I call. What is it you are thinking?

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