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Kitcat47 Sun 26-Jul-20 10:18:41

Puppy is always sick in the car. He is 11 weeks. We have only had him in the car a few times just short journeys and he is sick. I dont think he he is stressed. He is a confident little pup!!

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ViperBugloss Sun 26-Jul-20 11:14:17

Many puppies grow out of it. You can try putting in different positions in the car, some like to see out, some dont. People talks about ginger biscuits etc non of that ever worked for our puppies. Stick to short journeys and end in somewhere nice, eg 5 mins then a walk.

If not when he is 4 months old (I think) he can have Cerenia. It is magic, expensive but magic! I have only ever had to give two doses and the dogs have never been car sick again. You need to get this from your vets.

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