Running with my dog

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sian1971 Sat 25-Jul-20 08:40:30

I am a runner and regularly run distances from 5K to half marathon plus. I have a 5.5 month labrador puppy, and would like to build her up gradually to be able to run with me - at least on the shorter runs.

I realise it's far too early to start running with her now, and may need to wait until she's a year or even 18 months before starting this. Does anyone else run with their dog? When did you start running with them? How did you build it up, etc.?

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SlothMama Sat 25-Jul-20 09:53:06

I started running with my dog when she was 15 months, as she'd stopped growing but I took it very easy until she was 18 months. At first I just got her used to wearing the harness and did short bursts of running. Then at 18 months I did the couch to 5k program again.

There are some canicross running groups you can join that can advise you on training etc.

sian1971 Sat 25-Jul-20 11:06:40

@SlothMama thanks for the canicross tip. I will look up what's in my area.

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