Anyone on here know about Osteosarcoma?

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MellowMelly Fri 24-Jul-20 08:54:41

My dog does have an appointment on Friday next week with the vets so will know more then but I’m worrying basically. I ended up on google which probably wasn’t my best move.

She’s a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is 8.5 years old. She’s developed a swelling on her front leg wrist/ankle area. It’s soft and palpable. No lameness.

I stupidly googled it and it’s come up with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). I can’t see any wounds or entry points from a foreign object. It’s just swollen. I didn’t dare read anymore on google.

Has anyone else’s dog on here had a similar sort of swelling and what was it? I guess I’m seeking some reassurance.

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MellowMelly Fri 24-Jul-20 12:55:52

Just for reference, here is her leg

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Veterinari Fri 24-Jul-20 13:01:36

It could be one of a number of things but osteosarcoma is very unlikely from your description and photo.
Osteosarcoma generally occur in large breed dogs, are very painful on palpation and cause lameness.

MellowMelly Fri 24-Jul-20 13:12:22


Thank you that’s offered me some light relief! She’s quite a tough old boot and doesn’t show pain so I’m hoping whatever it is that it isn’t painful for her. I’m guessing she would limp if it was.

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MellowMelly Sat 25-Jul-20 02:00:48

I emailed the pics over to the vets earlier and they said it could possibly be cellulitis or a foreign body reaction.
Thank you *@Veterinari*. I’ll let you know the outcome.

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QualityFeet Sat 25-Jul-20 02:10:29

Yeah if that was osteosarcoma you would expect lameness long ago.

MellowMelly Sat 25-Jul-20 02:17:21

Thank you! She’s my first dog and I didn’t realise how much she means to me so after much worry I’m feeling some relief tonight to know it’s not the worst case scenario!

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QualityFeet Sat 25-Jul-20 10:01:34

Aw dogs are ace

Wolfiefan Sat 25-Jul-20 10:05:50

Good luck with the vet. I agree it really doesn’t fit with osteosarcoma. Hoping for good news.

puzzledpiece Sat 25-Jul-20 10:07:54

Osteosarcoma presents differently than this. If the lump is soft and mobile then its probably a lipoma, which is benign and removable.

MellowMelly Sat 25-Jul-20 12:01:32

Yes, you guys are right. I’m definitely leaning more towards something less sinister now. I’ve had a real good look and feel of it again and it’s very soft and fluidy feeling all the way from the main lump round to the back of her wrist.
Thank you all so much!

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Veterinari Sat 25-Jul-20 18:32:37

Keep us posted OP, fingers crossed for a good outcome

MellowMelly Sat 01-Aug-20 10:10:26

Good news! It’s definitely not anything sinister!

So she ended up being seen by two vets. The first vet was baffled and she called a second vet...who was also baffled. They genuinely have no idea what it really is. They can’t put a name or a cause to it. It’s just a load of widespread fluid with an almost fatty lipoma like lump in the middle.

So all slightly curious. However what we have decided is that it’s definitely not causing her any issues, you can prod and poke it, wrist is flexible and no lameness, so we are leaving it another two weeks and if it’s still there or gets bigger then a decision to aspirate it may be made. However they aren’t entirely keen to do this as they fear they may disturb it and cause other issues.

Anyway odd, one suggestion is a reaction to an insect bite but no evidence found of an initial wound.

Anyway apart from that, after a good check all over, she’s in amazing health apparently so that’s good then!

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Wolfiefan Sat 01-Aug-20 11:10:53

Oh I’m so glad it’s nothing nasty. A grass seed got in? Tick or sting?

MellowMelly Sat 01-Aug-20 11:48:06

I did explain that at the back of my shed are some brambles (I’ve let them grow as we pick the blackberries) and I had found her down there the other week having a sniff around so possibly a thorn? But that along with grass seed and tick was ruled out by the vets.

There was a discussion about a sting, like you say, or a false widow bite and it’s caused some secondary inflammation and that the swelling may be scar tissue as a result so that could be a distinct possibility. We were in there 45 minutes trying to fathom it out!!

She’s not been given any medication either which I was expecting actually just in case it’s an infection. Do you think she should of been given something as a precautionary treatment?

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Wolfiefan Sat 01-Aug-20 11:57:54

I have no veterinary expertise at all! But wouldn’t infection mean pain at the site and raised temp? If they weren’t sure then they would probably have wanted to do bloods.

MellowMelly Sat 01-Aug-20 12:10:24

@Wolfiefan I’ve seen you on other dog threads and you seem very knowledgeable about dogs so thought I’d see what you thought grin

She did say that the lump wasn’t very warm to the touch, her temperature was normal and no blood test required (she said they would if they thought it was serious) so you’re right!

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Wolfiefan Sat 01-Aug-20 12:16:16

I’m a newbie who has tried to learn everything she can since bringing home my first pup just under four years ago. They are a breed prone to osteosarcoma so I’ve looked into that. And we have also had to have blood tests taken for other reasons. Vets rarely avoid such a simple and non invasive test if they think there’s good reason to do them.
The body can do weird immune things to try and protect us from bites etc.
Hoping for a quick and full recovery.
Some people use golden paste for inflammation. Could be worth a try?

MellowMelly Sat 01-Aug-20 13:37:12

I’ll have a look into that @Wolfiefan. Thank you.

You’re very right about strange immune reactions so hopefully that is simply what it is and will likely settle with time. Hope your dog is okay!

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Wolfiefan Sat 01-Aug-20 13:48:47

I’ve two now. Older one has allergies but we have that under control. Younger one is a 9 month old healthy hooligan. grin

MellowMelly Sun 02-Aug-20 10:40:43

@Wolfiefan haha! Healthy hooligan. My dog is still a hooligan at the age of 8. Thought she might calm down with age but no! I found her on the garden table the other day hmm

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