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Advice on rehoming a rescue greyhound?

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SeriesofUnfortunateEvents Wed 22-Jul-20 16:04:59

Exciting news - we might be getting a rescue greyhound. We've been thinking about it for some time but it's all happened very quickly - I only registered with the rescue centre today. We have a Zoom call happening on Friday.

If things go according to plan I just wondered if you could share with me your best tips? Many thanks.

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UrsulaPandress Wed 22-Jul-20 16:07:02

Time and space. It can take days for the dog to destress from the move and up to three months for it to feel fully comfortable.

You should get details from the rescue about the dog's personality and why it is being rehomed. The rescue I am with has a massive support network.

WelshCadet Wed 22-Jul-20 18:28:53

Hello - I rehomed (failed foster!) a greyhound direct from a racing kennels during lockdown, about 2.5 months ago. I've found it to be a wonderful experience but also quite stressful because I didn't know what to expect. So top tips i can think of:
- Raised Dog Bowl - v important
- Use soft squishy bedding like old duvets to start rather than buying a bed, she might turn out to hate beds, and they are expensive
- Use a harness in case she pulls, they have long necks and i don't like pulling on it.
- very delicate stomachs, don't vary food to much to start, wait until things 'settle down' then consider gentle introduction of new foods rather than straight switch. Also a lot of them are allergic to dairy.
- Mine follows me like a shadow. Cute, but also difficult when going out. after a few weeks, practice leaving it on its own for a few minutes then going back in like it's not a bit deal.
- you will most likely have to teach it to climb stairs - use treats and support the back legs.
- use the muzzle for walks at the start. they've been wearing the muzzle for years, so don't feel too bad about using it if you need to.
- enjoy, these dogs are amazing wonderful creatures who have had a hard start in life. it's a whole new world for them to be a 'pet' and it takes a while for them to adjust. i already can't imagine life without mine - good luck!

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