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What is this on Ddog’s mouth?

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JenandFlo Tue 21-Jul-20 16:19:08

Ddog has had what looks like scar tissue on side of her mouth for about a year. Showed vet who wasn’t concerned.

Today she has a cut/sore just above scar tissue that look a bit weepy. I’m reluctant to go to vets at the mo, but will take her if necessary.

Would be so grateful for advice.

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Bellyfullofbiscuits Tue 21-Jul-20 16:37:14

Is it only on the outside of the mouth ( doesn't go right through )? How long has it been like this ?

Bellyfullofbiscuits Tue 21-Jul-20 16:37:58

Sorry , saw it was year. That'll teach me to read properly!

Bellyfullofbiscuits Tue 21-Jul-20 16:38:57

Honestly, I would take her back. It is a long time and if it nothing , great. At least you know.

IvysMum12 Tue 21-Jul-20 16:57:42

Could you sent photographs to the vet?
I hope it's nothing serious.

JenandFlo Tue 21-Jul-20 21:54:58

I took her to the vets and they thought it was a bite that she has scratched. Am so relieved as thoughts of Alabama Rot were going through my head.

Thanks so much for your advice.

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