night waking/barking

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onewhitewhisker Tue 21-Jul-20 10:32:40

Hi all, wondering if anyone has any advice. Ddog is 18 months, he's always slept well but in the last week or two has been barking in the middle of the night. When we go down to him he's padding about, sniffing/barking at front and back doors, quite hard to settle. Nothing obvious to see or hear to humans, my best guess is that foxes are passing through the garden and he's reacting to that, but he seems quite agitated by it and it goes on a while. If we let him out he will race round the garden sniffing in the corners, then sometimes settle, but sometimes the padding/ barking continues. No other changes, and he's seen the vet recently. At a bit of a loss really to know what the best response is, grateful for any thoughts. TIA

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Yokohamajojo Tue 21-Jul-20 10:45:52

We have had the same although mine is 3yo, I do believe it's foxes as I know we have them around. We moved his bed up to our bedroom and it seemed to have helped. It's also quite hot at the moment and he paces around to find the coolest sport to lie on

onewhitewhisker Tue 21-Jul-20 11:54:52

Thanks yokohamajojo. I do wonder whether moving his bed upstairs would help.

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