Romanian Rescue

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BrimFullOfAsher Tue 21-Jul-20 09:53:32

Hi All,

About to get (a gorgeous) rescue pup from Romania and wondered what others' experience has been and any advice or tips for helping to settle and what we can expect?

Much appreciated

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bilbodog Tue 21-Jul-20 10:20:54

Weve got a romanian rescue - she was around 2 when we got her last year. She had been a street dog for the first year so we had to be very careful, not letting her out on her Own at all For the first 6 weeks and always kept a lead on her. She runs very fast and can easily jump low fences and gates so we had to have 5-6 ft fences.

But she is a beautiful dog - so much personality, very gentle.

She was easily scared by sudden noises and shouting so we learnt very quickly to treat her gently and talk softly to her.

How old is your pup?

BrimFullOfAsher Tue 21-Jul-20 10:41:29

He's only young, they think he'll about 6 moths old, rescued from a kill shelter.

Ahh she is cute!

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BrimFullOfAsher Tue 21-Jul-20 10:45:45

Did you find any useful tips for settling her in? I believe our little guy has major separation anxiety issues, did you find this too?

Anyone got any advice on supporting him with this? I work from home so obviously aren't planning on leaving him for long periods, but for shopping etc (or even going to bed lol) I don't want him to be distressed

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RunningFromInsanity Tue 21-Jul-20 10:49:08

You need to watch them like a hawk. I help with a dog trapping team and they are always foreign rescues that have escaped. They can and will jump out of upstairs windows, scale 6ft fences, be snoozing on the bed one minute and then ran out the door as soon as you open it.

Keep on a loose lead in the garden and aways when out walking.

Give him/her lots of time and don’t rush anything.

AnneKipanki Tue 21-Jul-20 10:50:30

Good advice from @bilbodog .
Do you have any other dogs or pets ?
Sometimes they can have issues over food .

bilbodog Tue 21-Jul-20 11:24:19

This is where we got molly - their website gives lots of useful advice.


BrimFullOfAsher Tue 21-Jul-20 15:26:32

@AnneKipanki we have one cat. He'll be put out at first but he never used to be an only pet anyway so will get over it. He is apparently really fussy with food his temporary Foster carer said and will only eat certain foods.

I hadn't considered their tendency to bolt until recently.

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