Second dog

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Beagled Tue 21-Jul-20 08:38:36

It would be a puppy as I have a child. When it’s just me and my partner we will definitely be looking to rescue, I’m just worried that my very quiet beagle will be lead astray 😂

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Motorina Tue 21-Jul-20 08:24:40

I have two beagles, and would never have a singleton again. They're much better in pairs!

If you're thinking of an adult, I'd suggest Beagle Welfare, who are very good at matching hounds to your home and your existing dog.

Beagled Tue 21-Jul-20 08:04:19

We have a 2 year old beagle who is an absolute dream. He sleeps loads, very well behaved at home and out. He’s thoroughly lovely. He loves other dogs and people, he’d thrive with another dog and we all really want a second dog. It would be a beagle x as we need something as sniffy on walks. I am however aware we may not get such a well behaved one this time round!!

Has anyone with two (or more) got any tips or anything they wish they’d known prior to getting no2?

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