Healthy 'snacks' for dogs?

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thatcarolebaskinbitch Sat 18-Jul-20 09:35:47

Ddog1 has epilepsy which she is on medication for. She's been on it for a few years and it's always made her a bit hungrier but we upped her meals to 3 a day which solved the problem. However the vets have upped her dose and it's made her absolutely ravenous to the point she woke me up at 3am for food today (we normally have to force her out of bed in the mornings she is so lazy so this is very unlike her!). She's also very stiff in her old age and hasn't bothered using the stairs for about a year now, that was until the past few weeks and she will follow me upstairs for my toast in the morning! I've spoken to the vet and she suggested 2 Weetabix with water as a morning snack and then bulking out her lunch and tea with sweet potato. I was just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions for healthy 'snacks' we can be giving her to fill her up? I don't want to keep giving her biscuits (gravy bones and markies) as I know they aren't exactly nutritious. Changing food isn't really an option as her stomach has become extremely sensitive and as she's old the vet agreed we are best to just supplement her normal meals with more snack type foods.

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FatherBrownsBicycle Sat 18-Jul-20 09:39:15

Carrots. Our dog loved crunching on raw carrots.

BiteyShark Sat 18-Jul-20 09:41:29

Same here for carrots.

ImAncient Sat 18-Jul-20 09:50:17

Just coming on to say carrots as well grin

thatcarolebaskinbitch Sat 18-Jul-20 09:57:59

Should have said she's very fussy unlike DDog2 who will eat ANYTHING but I could try cooked carrots in with her meals thanks

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Itsarattrap Sat 18-Jul-20 09:59:22

Apples too. As a bonus, we find they help keep our dog’s breath a bit fresher.

BiteyShark Sat 18-Jul-20 10:03:39

We only give raw carrots as I think he loves the crunch but if yours prefers softer food then cooking them would be ok.

We also feed apples but he is picky and some he loves but others he spits out. Still doesn't stop him trying to mug me whenever I am eating one grin

Mine doesn't like broccoli but will go for freshly podded peas.


ScribblingMilly Sat 18-Jul-20 10:10:05

Our dog won't eat raw veg. So I shave sweet potatoes and carrots with a peeler and cook them on a tray very, very gently until they're like chewy crisps for treats. We also give her one or two dried sprats as an evening snack or a few bits of dried food with a squirt of wild salmon oil - maybe you have to be careful of stomach issues with these but good for joints.

Floralnomad Sat 18-Jul-20 11:42:35

Mine likes to eat an apple but only if someone is holding it for him , he won’t touch carrots uncooked . Would she be happy just to have healthy chews like ostrich tendon , dried tripe etc .

Heartofstrings Sat 18-Jul-20 11:45:03

I used to.make a liver cake for my dog. It smelled gross but was cheap to make and he loved it. I cant remember the recipie I'm afraid but I'm sure you can Google it

pigsDOfly Sat 18-Jul-20 12:13:56

My dog won't touch any vegetables except raw carrot, also won't eat them cooked.

She has a sensitive stomach so I have to be very careful what she eats.

She used to love apple but can't have that now.

Ihaventgottimeforthis Sat 18-Jul-20 12:22:53

Could you also give her food in a puzzle feeder so it takes her longer?
Even if it is putting kibble in an old plastic bottle that she has to shake/roll about.
What breed is she? Some dogs will never feel full, so it's more about giving them things they can return to and chew, like an antler or buffalo horn or something.

NoSquirrels Sat 18-Jul-20 12:26:36

Mine doesn’t like raw carrots but will eat sweet potato, banana and loves frozen peas. We also get dried pigs ears or cows ears - crunchy but not really calorific if it’s a case of keeping her busy as much as anything?

muckandnettles Sat 18-Jul-20 12:26:38

Does she like fishy things? I've bought a lot of things recently from Fish4dogs which are all very healthy and if you join their Puppy Club (I know she isn't a puppy obviously) you get free samples sent and then 50% off first order. Also Millie's Wolfheart does really nice healthy snacks - my pup loves their soft fishy treats and fish bars. We are big on fish in this house...

Herecomethedaffodils Sat 18-Jul-20 12:27:45

Ours loves frozen peas and frozen green beans.

JamesArthursEyelashes Sat 18-Jul-20 12:40:15

We have given apples, strawberries and banana as snacks but also scrambled eggs and chicken and rice in between meals sometimes. We also put cheese spread on a lick mat and freeze it in kongs as it keeps them busy for longer. You can freeze lots of things in kongs and I’d really recommend them.

Hope she’s ok and that her appetite settles down soon.

Runkle Sat 18-Jul-20 12:50:09

Peppers, green beans, peas, broccoli - try uncooked/whole or cook and mash into food.
Some tinned sardines/mackerel, mine loves rice cakes (obv plain) too.

rainbows93 Sat 18-Jul-20 12:55:37

Mine loves carrots, since a puppy! In the warm weather I put a few in the freezer for him.

LunaNorth Sat 18-Jul-20 12:56:24

Mine love carrots and cucumber.

thatcarolebaskinbitch Sat 18-Jul-20 12:56:31

Thanks for all the suggestions I'll give them all a try! Forgot to say we have been adding a tin of sardines to her lunch which she loves, it breaks my heart because she is visibly very hungry bless her when up until a few months ago she's never really been fussed by food unlike greedy Ddog2 grin

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Sitdowncupoftea Sun 19-Jul-20 14:40:51

@thatcarolebaskinbitch My dog is on meds for epilepsy it does not make him hungry though. The only time he's hungry is after a fit as apparently it burns up a lot of energy.

thatcarolebaskinbitch Sun 19-Jul-20 16:47:21

@Sitdowncupoftea what's meds is your dog on? Ddog1 is on Pexion which one of the main side effects is excessive eating/hunger.

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Sitdowncupoftea Sun 19-Jul-20 17:12:07

@thatcarolebaskinbitch Mine is on Epiphen

DeepfriedPizza Sun 19-Jul-20 17:17:11

Mine eats anything and everything and loves fresh broccoli, chopped and frozen.

MsMarvellous Mon 20-Jul-20 16:08:33

Mine lives carrots, slices of apple, courgette and fresh yoghurt

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