Anyone Used Yuderm?

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DontDoItGeorge Fri 17-Jul-20 23:04:58

My Lab is really itchy, it seems a seasonal thing as it happened last summer. Vet gave him steroids last year which worked while he was on them but when they stopped the itching came back.
I was reading about Yuderm and it seems to have good reviews.
Has anyone had success with it? TIA

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Girlintheframe Sat 18-Jul-20 06:02:56

We use it. Have done for over a year.
Tbh I don't know how effective it's been because it's not the only thing we've changed.
We have changed our dogs food and give an anti histamine too. Certainly he's not as itchy as he was but I'm unsure how much of that is down just to the yuderm.
Once his current bottle finishes I'm going to try him without it and see if it has any effect.
Our dog already has a fish based diet but if yours doesn't the oils will certainly help with coat/joints etc. if nothing else.
It gets very good reviews so might be worth a shot.

DontDoItGeorge Sat 18-Jul-20 07:44:35

Thankyou, hes always had the same food. Its definitely seasonal as in the winter he was fine.
I've been giving him piriton to no effect

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ImAncient Sat 18-Jul-20 07:49:45

Our dog is on it but more because she has pancreatitis & her coat was very dry. It’s now lovely & silky.

She’s always itching however & has monthly allergy injections. The itching was noticeably worse during lockdown when she was unable to have her jab.

LucyLatimer Sat 18-Jul-20 07:50:55

I’ve also wondered about this. Mine is on apoquel which is not great for her long term and expensive. Every time we try without, she gets really uncomfortable with itchy ears and skin, definitely worse in summer.

DontDoItGeorge Sat 18-Jul-20 13:01:38

Our vet mentioned Apoquel but said it has some nasty side effects so I wasnt keen.
It's strange, he seems to scratch like mad first thing in the morning and it's only ever his belly, nowhere else.
I might give yuderm a try, it wont hurt him. I've read it takes 6-8 weeks before it starts to make a difference.

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Dreamersandwishers Sat 18-Jul-20 14:48:39

I have used Yumega products for years and Yuderm has made a huge difference to my lab. His coat is very glossy too which is a bonus.
I have also been told that long term use is good for joints too- my dog is 9 and no stiffness at all.

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