HELP - Labrador has eaten a packet of Jolly Ranchers

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stopwining Fri 17-Jul-20 21:33:55

I'm less concerned about the sweets themselves looking at the ingredients more concerned they came in plastic wrappers.

He's a tad hyper (5YO) how bad is this?

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PenelopePitstop49 Fri 17-Jul-20 21:39:24

Have they got any form of sweetener in?

I'd phone the vet tbh - just in case.

Lougle Fri 17-Jul-20 21:40:28

As long as he's doing poos, I wouldn't be worried, tbh. My dog ate a whole toblerone. When the vet made him sick (a very expensive chocolate treat hmm) there was a lot of foil.

LochJessMonster Fri 17-Jul-20 21:42:23

Doesn’t say they contain Xylitol which is the poisonous one.

I would be inclined to just keep an eye on him. I’m sure he will shit out the wrappers eventually.

stopwining Fri 17-Jul-20 21:42:32

@PenelopePitstop49 I don't think so?

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stopwining Fri 17-Jul-20 21:43:39

Thank you @LochJessMonster that's what my husband says but I can't help but worry.

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Mmsnet101 Fri 17-Jul-20 21:43:46

Just had a quick look at the ingredients deck, get your dog to the vet now. The amount of sweetener in 2 bits of chewing gum is enough to kill a lab size dog, for reference. Whole bag of those sweets will not be a good outcome unless the dog is taken to vets to be made sick/stomach pumped.


Mmsnet101 Fri 17-Jul-20 21:44:59

Corn syrup is an artificial sweetener

Lougle Fri 17-Jul-20 21:45:38

There's no indication that there is sweetener in those sweets, is there? Corn syrup isn't an artificial sweetener, nor is sugar. What am I missing?

Lougle Fri 17-Jul-20 21:46:36

"While corn syrup is not toxic, it has a high sugar content that's not recommended for your dog. Dogs that consume a large amount of sugar on a regular basis are at risk for obesity and diabetes. If your dog has diabetes and is experiencing hypoglycemia, corn syrup is an option for your dog."

Lougle Fri 17-Jul-20 21:49:52

In fact corn syrup is recommended as a temporary aid in xylitol ingestion, whilst getting vetinary attention, because the xylitol causes profoundly low blood sugars and corn syrup raises it.

Sitdowncupoftea Fri 17-Jul-20 21:49:55

I would keep an eye on your dog. If he shows any signs of illness phone the vets.

stopwining Fri 17-Jul-20 21:52:07

Thanks everyone. He seems ok so if any concerns will call the vets in the morning. Doesn't seem any cause for concern right now.

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Dreamersandwishers Fri 17-Jul-20 21:52:12

Is he insured? If so phone the insurance company advice line . They are often very helpful.

stopwining Fri 17-Jul-20 21:52:38

He looks happy enough

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Topseyt Fri 17-Jul-20 21:53:05

I'd speak to the vet to be on the safe side

It might well be OK as they look to be mainly gelatin based, but you need peace of mind.

Why must labradors eat such ridiculous stuff? Mine once grabbed and ate a yogurt, including the plastic pot it was in.

I also remember him eating a child's bright pink flip flop. That just resulted in bright pink poo the next day.

On both occasions I spoke with the vet, who reassured me that it would almost certainly be fine, and it was.

stopwining Fri 17-Jul-20 21:53:46

I was more concerned about the plastic wrappers than the food content

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stopwining Fri 17-Jul-20 21:56:50

Thanks for sharing @topseyt labs do love their food don't they! Appreciate the reassurance!

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WhoWants2Know Fri 17-Jul-20 21:58:35

The wrappers are hopefully small enough to pass through individually, but if there's any doubt or change in behaviour then it's time for the vet

Lougle Fri 17-Jul-20 21:58:41

You'll just have pretty poos. One of my dogs ate a rubber ball once. We had pink speckled pop for a couple of days grin

stopwining Fri 17-Jul-20 22:01:24

Thank you everyone

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Topseyt Fri 17-Jul-20 22:05:12


Thanks for sharing @topseyt labs do love their food don't they! Appreciate the reassurance!

They sure do, but their definition of what constitutes food can be very different from ours, plus they usually don't seem to have a "full" setting either. 🙄

Littlemeadow123 Sat 18-Jul-20 10:01:38

I'd still take him to the vets, or at least ring them. It's not worth the risk.

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