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Tinofcurses Thu 16-Jul-20 22:43:00

We're moving from NZ to Scotland in August (TBC later today when we hear whether we have managed to book the flights we need for the dog).

I don't think we can get our current dog food (Black Hawk) in the UK, so I'm looking for an alternative for a 15-16kg, 3yr old staffy.

Can anyone recommend a good quality dry food, with chicken the main meat ingredient? Ideally one I can order online and comes in a massive bag.

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StrongTea Thu 16-Jul-20 22:46:46

Use Millies Wolfheart, lots of options and good quality.

lmustnotstackmybike Thu 16-Jul-20 22:47:33

Pets at home do some good foods and delivery is free over about £40 (I order two big bags at a time). I've used Wainwright's, Fishmonger's Finest (obviously no good for you!) and Step up to Naturals. I've seen people on here recommend AVA too. They're all Pets at Home brands, which means they're easy to get hold of and they all get good ratings on

Depends what you're after and what you're willing to pay but the allaboutdogfood website will help you decide.

areallthenamesusedup Thu 16-Jul-20 22:50:27

yes! Burns. Really good quality but what I think is really good they use their own farmed animals, not horrid factory farmed stuff.

There are loads of fancy brands out there (that the vets & pet shops all get paid commission to flog) but this is the only one I can find that uses good quality, meat inputs and no horrid additives.

Go on their website. It explains it all.

Cuddling57 Thu 16-Jul-20 22:52:38

We use Guru.
Improved my Dogs coat and doesn't swell his belly.

CarrieMoonbeams Thu 16-Jul-20 22:52:48

Yup, Millies Wolfheart for my lot too.

You can contact them for advice as to which one would be best for your dog - I did that, and was pleasantly surprised that they didn't suggest the most expensive ones!

LakeFlyPie Thu 16-Jul-20 22:56:15

Check out this site


LakeFlyPie Thu 16-Jul-20 22:56:28

Check out this site

Tinofcurses Thu 16-Jul-20 23:03:10

Lots of good suggestions, thanks! I'll check out the websites.

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UnfinishedSymphon Thu 16-Jul-20 23:04:59

Millie's here too, we get the tracker or highland mixes as they are low fat

Beachcomber74 Thu 16-Jul-20 23:22:21

Symply. Chicken and Rice

thesunwillout Thu 16-Jul-20 23:58:46

James Wellbeloved grain free dry food is very good for digestion.

Judashascomeintosomemoney Fri 17-Jul-20 00:01:31

Millies Wolfheart is good and also just started using You can tailor the wet and/or dry food to your own recipe. Reasonable price per month too.

NotBeingFunnyOrAnything Sat 18-Jul-20 08:25:58 - my ddog loves it - never eaten a whole bowl of dry food in one go every time it's put down in 8 years. Skin and coat healthy too. Very good value.

TheVanguardSix Sat 18-Jul-20 08:30:23

AATU dry food is what we use. 80% chicken, 20% grain. Our dog loves it.

PuppyBonBon Sat 18-Jul-20 08:38:04

Check out you can see all the information you need. We using Pure Pet food. It's dehydrated and there are about 3-4 different chicken recipes (and lots of other meats). Human grade and no meat meal so good protein quality. Delivered to us and lots of different bag sizes. Just add water to rehydrate. Our pup loves it. Gorgeous coat and energy (not excessive) though it is high protein compared to other foods so can make some dogs loopy.

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