Forest holidays or Centerparcs with a dog.

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welshdaisy Thu 16-Jul-20 18:55:05

Hi, so we went away for a little weekend break before lockdown, and the pet accommodation where we stayed was quite off putting. I'm a dog lover, grown up with them so by no means am I being snobby, but it wasn't very nice. Anyway fast forward to now and the hubby wants to book something for next year. He's like to go abroad, but we've been abroad for the past few years and I'm not much of a sun worshipper myself so I'm quite liking the look of a nice lodge break. I'm reluctant to leave the dog as he's a puppy and if I'm holidaying in the uk I'd like him to come so we do want to book somewhere nice, clean and has some dog friendly facilities. I've trawled the web for pet accommodation reviews at both forest holidays and centerparcs. Lots good and a few bad, and lots from years ago so quite a while ago. I wanted a few first hand opinions on the accommodation they offer, but also how pet friendly they are as we've never been to either.

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