Kibble recommendations.

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Helenluvsrob Thu 16-Jul-20 08:32:59

Hi have a 1yr old ( nearly ) CKCS.

He’s always had royal canin mini. Suits his tum and has been fine on it. However for the last couple of months he’s been eating meals sporadically. Sometimes missed one , sometimes only ears when we do something interesting eg spread it for sniffing with a few bits of ham or hand feed to start with 🙄

He’s very healthy , glossy and lively.

Part of me thinks he’ll eat if he needs to but the other part thinks he’ll eat more rubbish if he’s hungry ( he had a great time eating the poo snack from nature’s snack basket at the local national trust 🤢😂).

Anywhere sell taster packs of good quality kibble ?

Not keen on moving to wet or raw.

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SlothMama Thu 16-Jul-20 12:23:44

Eden is a great food, but all about dog food is a great website to use to check quality and price.

vanillandhoney Thu 16-Jul-20 12:37:43

What's your budget? is a really good resource - you can search via price per day and narrow it down via flavour, grain-free, breed etc.

Personally, I feed Harringtons as it's affordable, available in our small town (we're very rural) and I can get it via next day delivery if necessary too. There are better foods but it's available in most supermarkets and my dog wolfs it down which is what matters to me!

The cats get fed it too - Harringtons must love us grin

SummerPoppies Thu 16-Jul-20 14:47:58

Mine gets Wagg worker dog.
It's made by Harrington and at just a tenner for a 16 kilo sack, it's good value.

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