Going for the snip on Friday - anything to watch out for

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Achangeagain1 Sat 18-Jul-20 09:15:00

All done yesterday, he’s feeling very sorry for himself and was woken at 4am by him having gone downstairs (I should have put a gate up) and not able to get back up again.

Apparently though at the vets he was happily sniffing around in their garden as soon as he woke up. I know it’s a completely routine op but just felt so sorry for him.

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Sitdowncupoftea Fri 17-Jul-20 16:14:43

I am due to get my pup castrated in a couple of weeks. I've had all my dogs nuetered without an issues in the past. They can be a little groggy from anesthesetic and will probably sleep. The next day they will be fine. I wouldn't worry.

LilBlackLab Wed 15-Jul-20 19:47:42

and you won't be responsible for any unwanted litters too of course!

Achangeagain1 Wed 15-Jul-20 19:46:14

My last male dog (a long time ago) we didn’t - and he was fine. But I just started to feel that the benefit may outweigh any negatives. Am still a bit sad though - Not sure why. Have read up too much on both sides I think. With females it’s never bothered me one bit.

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Achangeagain1 Wed 15-Jul-20 19:44:43

@ViperBugloss he’s started to very very occasionally get a bit “uppity” with other males - who I assume are also intact. Not snappy but he will sort of pester them and am worried that one may react badly - or he might get worse. Also he’s two and half and still has a tendency to mark every now and then in the house.

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ViperBugloss Wed 15-Jul-20 19:31:26

Why did you decide to have him neutered?

OnlyToWin Wed 15-Jul-20 19:21:14

After the op I should say - before they must fast.


OnlyToWin Wed 15-Jul-20 19:20:42

Our dog skipped out of the vets wagging his tail! They don’t release them until they have had a drink and a wee and are not groggy anymore. He was there from about 9am until about 5pm. The stitches were internal and dissolved. The hardest parts were trying to stop him haring about for the first week and also convincing him that scrambled egg was in fact a meal. He looked at me like WTF? (They ask you to feed a bland meal rather than their usual for the day of the op).

Achangeagain1 Wed 15-Jul-20 19:16:20

I’ve sat on the fence about getting my male dog nuetered but have finally conceded and booked him in. I’ve always have females previously. Am strangely anxious about it.
Anything I should watch out for afterwards or any reassurance thankfully recieved

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