How much do you spend per month on your dog?

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Howmythoughtstheyspinmeround Wed 15-Jul-20 09:07:47

So we obviously knew what we were spending on our dog but hadn’t actually added it all up and it turns out we are spending around £280 a month!!

He goes to daycare x2 days a week @ £18 a day so in a month with 4 weeks that’s £144

He has pet insurance which is £36 a month

He’s a fussy eater and so we get him fresh cooked food packaged into sausages and frozen (so kinda raw diet but cooked) and that’s £72 a month.

Every 3 months he gets worm & flea tablet (he’s 5 months) and gets his anal glands cleaned as he seems to have a food allergy. The two tablets and glands cost around £45 so £15 a month.

Then we get him the odd treats for training in pet store and the odd toy.

It’s a lot more than we thought without even adding in how we’ve spent on collar/lead/harness/dog bed/crate/bowls/bedding etc at the start

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BiteyShark Wed 15-Jul-20 09:20:45

About £400 but it has been near £500 in the past. Daycare accounts for a large chunk of that.

Howmythoughtstheyspinmeround Wed 15-Jul-20 09:27:03

Wow @BiteyShark we thought we were spending loads!!!

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Ohhgreat Wed 15-Jul-20 09:31:38

Ours eats Step into Naturals food, that's about £9 a bag and lasts the month.
Insurance is £10 a month
Dog Walker £10 a day for 2 days a week, so £80
Worming tablets from supermarket so £5 every 3 months
Yearly jabs £50 so say £5 a month
£110 a month, worth every penny smile

BiteyShark Wed 15-Jul-20 09:32:17

We were doing 4 days at daycare but it's been reduced to 3 now.

Insurance, food (we spoil him), vet pet plan, grooming (monthly) and other incidentals add up.

We have stopped training but that was also costing quite a lot as we did two types at once as well as 1-1 trainers.

I also haven't included the many vet costs which were under the excess in the early days.

Bergerdog Wed 15-Jul-20 10:03:09

I have 3 giants.

£120 insurance.
£130 food.
£20-30 treats and additional bits.
£50 training classes.

They don’t go to daycare or require grooms.

Not too bad considering I don’t have small ones!

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 15-Jul-20 12:43:01

😂😂😂 Too much!
Vaccination scheme at vets
Decent quality working dog food
Pain meds for the older one
Petrol when ferrying them around
Dog training
My gundog book habit
New/replacement kit
Running the washing machine for their bedding
Poo bags
Agricultural disinfectant for the concrete they pee all over
Kennels when we go away
Wellies/waterproofs for me
First aid (I've just refilled the box after a cut pad, that was 20 quid in vet wrap, low adhesive pads, ointment and conforming bandage)

On the other hand, I don't need to go the gym (and wouldn't have time anyway) and having them saves me from more expensive hobbies like owning my own horse. And we love them, and they make us laugh.


GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 15-Jul-20 12:45:39

So probably about £250-300pcm when you factor in kennels and vet bills (we don't have insurance except third party). There are three of them.

vanillandhoney Wed 15-Jul-20 13:15:53

Including insurance it's probably around £80 a month on average. Insurance is £28 and the rest is food, treats and poo bags. Plus the cost of flea/worm treatment which I pay for every three months. He's medium sized and weighs 17kg. No grooming costs either.

He comes to work with me so we don't have to worry about daycare or walker costs. If we go on a day out somewhere my in-laws have him for us. We take him on holiday with us too, so no kennel costs.

He did cost a fair bit to "kit out" as it were, though. Harnesses, leads, collars (at least two of each), a couple of coats, waterproof seat covers for both cars, seatbelt attachments for both cars, a bed and crate when he was a puppy, plus we spent a couple of hundred on puppy classes too.

Syrrup Wed 15-Jul-20 13:19:46

Food is about £40
Insurance £45 (1 year old though, so this will go up)
Vet club £19 (includes checkups, vaccinations and flea/tick/worming)
Play toys about £10 (the odd rope toy and tennis balls)
Chew toys £40 (deer legs, various ears etc)
Training treats about £20 (fresh chicken, liver etc)

so £174 smile

plus poo bags, various prescription ointments and drops etc, shampoo & water (he like muddy water and rolling in shit), almost excessive washing machine use, grass seed and new plants (for where he's peed), polyfilla and paint for where he's accidentally scratched the walls etc.

We aren't currently using a trainer although we did puppy classes which was about £300 total. I am starting him scent training though which at some point we'll probably get a trainer for, and once he's physically mature he'll do some agility.

No need for dog walker or daycare because I wfh and around here they all insist on neutered male dogs and he's large/giant angry. All brushing/washing/nails etc I do myself

Juiceey Wed 15-Jul-20 17:05:07

Daycare is our biggest expense at £25 a day! 3 days a week. so £300 per month just for that.

Insurance £38 (Bought by many)
Food £60 (butternut box)
Flea and worm £10
Grooming is £45 every 6 weeks

Plus endless treats, snacks, chews, toys, shampoo, poo bags etc. He's no cheap family member that's for sure! We've spent £500 on puppy classes, 1:1 training sessions and advice sessions from a behaviourist. Trying so hard to 'get it right' with this puppy as we were totally inexperienced before we got him.

Psychoseverywhere Wed 15-Jul-20 17:11:31

2 x dogs - small terriers
30 euro a month dog food. I get royal canin and its 15 euro a bag
32 euro a month between them for insurance
9 euro every 3 months for worm and flea tablets
145euro for them both per year for vaccinations and kennel cough shot
50euro for both to be groomed every 4 months
Treats and toys roughly 30euro per month for both.

fivedogstofeed Wed 15-Jul-20 17:22:19

So much I'm too scared to add it up...

Westiegirl3 Wed 15-Jul-20 17:23:37

I've got 2 Westies monthly costs;

Insurance -£ 78
Food- £60
Treats, toys, stag bars etc-£40
Grooming -£60 (every 6 weeks)
Day care - £200
Plus dogs beds, I truly believe we own enough beds for our road of dogs to sleep in, they have coats that cost more than mind did (£85 each) and I like to replace their brightly coloured harnesses every 12 months as they fade when being washed at £45 each. They are expense family members...
Total £438 minimum

Ohffs66 Wed 15-Jul-20 17:27:47

Average in a month assuming no vets visits...I'd say about £80. Insurance, dry and wet food from Tails, treats/chews/ poobags.

IamHyouweegobshite Wed 15-Jul-20 17:33:42

Not really added it up before, but
Insurance £43
Vets plan £20, Inc vaccinations, worming, flea, 6 monthly check
Food: dry mix £36 (lasts 8 weeks)
Food: meat £15
Treats/toys/beds etc £5
Grooming £45 (every 3 months)

YgritteSnow Wed 15-Jul-20 17:45:09

Averaged out over the year it's probably about £100.00 a month. That's food - big bag of James Wellbeloved lasts two months mixed with half a tray of "Lily's kitchen" wet food daily, insurance, replacement blades for clippers - he won't tolerate the groomers - treats, new collars, leads etc.

Girlintheframe Thu 16-Jul-20 06:46:27

A fortune!

Roughly around £250 - 300 a month.

Daycare approx £150-£200 depending on shift pattern (£16 per day)

Insurance £28

Dog food/treats £55

Flea/worming £7

Training/agility etc £28

That's his regular monthly items but on top is vet treatment that isn't worth claiming on insurance ( we seem to be there a lot recently!), toys, new collar etc.

Bigsighall Thu 16-Jul-20 06:51:50

2 medium sized...
£20 for insurance (just one insured)
£25 for sack of food
Don’t routinely flea them but do worm so £5 a month.
No dog sitter / clip them myself
So about £25 per dog routinely . And then maybe another £5-10 when you talk about clipper blade sharpening, new beds occasionally etc.
The horses on the other hand.....

SalamanderWhale Thu 16-Jul-20 07:19:21

Around £220 pm for my 6 year old lab. That includes day care, ins, food etc

OliveToboogie Thu 16-Jul-20 14:26:41

My handsome boy cost me:

Insurance £45
Pet Health Club £15
Dog walker £120
Run Free etc £25
TOTAL: £245 Worth every penny

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