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SunburstsOrMarbleHalls Tue 14-Jul-20 12:27:43

Spotted a small patch of flea dirt on my my Shih tzu yesterday afternoon. We have a few neighbourhood cats that use the back garden as a short cut but I suppose she could pick them up anywhere when out walking too.

I checked her in the afternoon and didn't find any fleas on her as she is mainly white and I keep her cut quite short in summer. Last night I did find one on her while she was lying in her favourite place in the hall so Im guessing it was hiding on the bloody carpet.

I have bathed her with flea shampoo then frontlined her a few days before she was due. I've hoovered then indorexed the whole house and her bedding. I've washed her soft toys and I will comb her everyday with a flea comb using an gently flea protective spray.

Are there any other recommendations or tips?

Strangely my old Springer Spaniel never picked them up at all despite going to the woods everyday so I'm a bit inexperienced in dealing with the critters.

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Beamur Tue 14-Jul-20 12:32:18

Frontline isn't always effective. If you keep finding fleas get something prescribed by the vet.

SunburstsOrMarbleHalls Tue 14-Jul-20 12:40:45

I didn't realise they weren't always effective.

She did used to have the tablets for 6 months last year as she was a rescue dog and when she came to live with us she was recovering from a terrible flea allergy and had lost most of her hind fur.

The tablets would upset her stomach a bit so after a while the vet said to try frontline for a change.

If I cant get rid of them in the next few days I will give them a ring and see if I can get some prescribed.

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Beamur Tue 14-Jul-20 12:50:59

If your vet has suggested frontline, then disregard my comment to some extent. A lot of people buy it over the counter but quite a few fleas are resistant. But equally not all dogs tolerate well the stronger drugs.
The indorex will sort out any fleas or eggs in the carpet.
Sounds like you're on top of the problem in terms of vigilance and grooming.

Sitdowncupoftea Thu 16-Jul-20 15:44:23

I get Bravecto from my vets. Its a tablet and lasts 3 month. I have found frontline tick ineffective. I live rural so we have sheep , cows an deer. I've never had any issues since using Bravecto.

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