Is resource guarding another adolescent behaviour?

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Birdie728 Mon 13-Jul-20 19:54:49

Pup is 10 months old, trying my patience on every level. Today she was chewing a toy, I leaned down to pick something off the floor next to me and she curled her lip. I grabbed a bit of chicken and swopped it for the toy and she was fine, gave her the toy back and left her in peace.

It just feels like one thing after the other at the minute. I find myself day dreaming about life without her even though we all love her but her recalls gone, she’s scared of children, people wearing sunglasses,motorbikes. There’s so many things she’s doing well with-we’ve got her walking to heel, no separation anxiety, sleeping well at night, loves other dogs but I’m just constantly googling and researching and training and walking and spending a small bloody fortune on harnesses and books and plug ins. It feels relentless. I want to deal with her fear of the kids in our street-£80 for an hours phone call with a behaviourist. I know dogs are expensive and I’ll obviously do what we need to do but I’m finding it all so hard and unrewarding.

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