Anyone recently bought a doughnut dog bed?

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Wonderingwhyme Wed 08-Jul-20 17:45:31

I have two, one is good, keeps it shape and well stuffed. The other is poor, comes undone and doesn’t keep its shape. Trouble it I can’t remember where i bought the good one from!! Can anyone recommend where to buy a good quality one please that is machine washable too?

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Wonderingwhyme Wed 08-Jul-20 21:09:59


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Ken1976 Thu 09-Jul-20 19:03:19

We have a really good one . Un zips for washing and easy to put together again . Our two year old dog loves it and so does our new puppy . If I remember correctly I got it from Costco .

Wonderingwhyme Fri 10-Jul-20 06:11:10

Thanks @Ken1976 isn’t that a ball ache unzipping for washing? What happens with the inside bit, the cushion part, can’t you wash that? Both the ones I have (the crap one and the good one) you just put the whole thing in the machine which is great....

Iv been looking at those ones that have the sort of blanket/top but attached? I think she would probably like that as she has a blanket on both the beds she gets under but worry it will be useless in the summer?

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