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Lavendersquare Wed 08-Jul-20 10:47:07

I've been searching local rescue websites for a dog for my family, we've rescued before and understand it's not always straightforward. In the past we would have visited the centre to look at the dogs but obviously we can't do that with covid, so it's just looking online.

I've fallen in love with a beautiful dog that sounds perfect, and is classed a good temperament for families etc which is my main criteria. I've sent off the adoption request questionnaire about 4 days ago and was wondering how long I should leave it before chasing up? Or am I just being too impatient.

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bunnygeek Wed 08-Jul-20 14:32:29

As you can imagine, most rescues, from big to small, are inundated with adoption requests at the moment - especially for the "easier" sounding dogs. They may also be down on staff/volunteers. If they have a phone number you can call, it would be worth a buzz to see if they have an estimate on the waiting time for enquiries.

Lavendersquare Wed 08-Jul-20 15:32:08

@bunnygeek I rang them earlier and you're right they are inundated with applications for all the dogs. They've said it will be at a least a week before I hear anything. I just need to be patient, which isn't easy for me 😬

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