Bleeding from penis

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heatseeker14 Mon 06-Jul-20 13:13:13

Our 11 month old dog has been bleeding a small amount from his penis. I noticed it a couple of days ago, but thought he had cut himself on a bramble or something. I’ve just seen there is blood on it again. I’ve had a look with the help of DH and can’t see an obvious cut. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? He is going to the toilet okay, eating, drinking and full of beans as per usual. Have got to collect his flea and worming tablets from the vet later and plan to ask about it then.

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Aquamarine1029 Mon 06-Jul-20 13:17:15

I would be concerned about bladder or kidney issues. He needs to be seen by a vet, as soon as possible.

heatseeker14 Mon 06-Jul-20 19:43:43

Thanks for your reply @Aquamarine1029. I collected his medication and made an appointment for him to see a vet. Hopefully will find out more tomorrow. Do you think I should try to get a urine sample from him to take with us?

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GCAcademic Mon 06-Jul-20 19:48:34

Probably a good idea to get a urine sample from him tomorrow.

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