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Whitepots Sun 05-Jul-20 20:53:46

We've just bought a crate cover as our 6 month old pup is waking at sunrise and we hope this might prolong his slumber.

Should we be covering it completely, ie the door bit too, or leaving the door part of the cover up? I appreciate that leaving part of the crate uncovered will allow some light in still, but I instinctively hate the idea of covering the crate fully. However it is not me that has to sleep in there!


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AmberShadesofGold Tue 07-Jul-20 09:12:35

Not the answer you are looking for, OP, but I am not sure a crate cover will make any difference.

At six months old she is just raring to get on with the day which is more exciting than the night. Consistently make sure you don't give in to this, and perhaps looking at cues so she know when it's time to get up (e.g. an alarm clock) can help.

However, if I were covering a crate, I would personally leave a gap at the door.

thinkpad1 Tue 07-Jul-20 09:35:12

I use a blanket over my puppy's crate but leave the door and one side up so I can see him from my puppy cam. I also don't like the idea of fully enclosing him in so I wouldn't do it even if I didn't have a petcam.

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