Wound after spaying operation

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Thingsthatgo Sun 05-Jul-20 06:55:51

My 1 year old Labrador cross was spayed a week ago. She was fine when she came home, and when we went for her 3 day post op check. That same evening though, she went downhill very quickly, and would hardly raise her head and was leaking from her wound a clear, slightly bloody fluid.
The vet wasn’t concerned at all, but gave us some antibiotics for a slight temperature. She has been wearing a post op t shirt to stop her from licking, which we have been keeping clean and dry.
A week on, and she seems fine in herself. Plenty of energy, eating and drinking well. But she is still leaking this clear liquid a bit. It doesn’t smell, and it’s not infected. Is it ok? Will it stop? She is going to the vet again for her 10 day check in a couple of days, so I will check with her, but I was expecting it to have stopped by now.

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Patience1990 Sun 05-Jul-20 22:09:08

That doesn't sound right to me. We learned a lesson when we got our dog spayed at six months. She's wasn't leaking fluid but something was definitely didn't seem right. She had swelling (which we were told was normal and as expected at the follow-up).

Long story short, we didn't think anything of it as the vet had said everything was ok. Her swelling never completely went down and she developed a hernia. Had to then have a hernia repair and she wasn't right for months.

Took her to an out-of-hours vets one day as she was still so uncomfortable. Showed her pictures from after the spay and she knew something wasn't right straight away! She was shocked that nothing was done.

If you feel something isn't right definitely get a second opinion! Wish we had trusted our instincts to begin with.

She is all fine and happy now but is terrified of the vets now when she never used to be. One too many operations and too many visits. Poor girl. I hope everything goes okay for you!

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