Keeping two male dogs

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dodgeballchamp Tue 30-Jun-20 17:38:17

Hi, just wondering what people’s experiences are of this. I’ve got a male chihuahua who came from a house full of dogs and is very intelligent and social. I’d like to get him a friend and am considering adopting an older male pug. They’ve met a couple of times, the pug was very calm, he wee’d a fair bit, my boy jumped at him a few times but they had a good sniff and didn’t show any aggression. Would have both neutered. Is it a recipe for disaster?

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AnnieMaul Tue 30-Jun-20 17:43:21

We had 2 male dogs growing up, both rescue. One introduced around 3/4 years after we got the first. They became best friends quickly and were as good as joined at the hip until the first passed away.

It depends on the individual dogs to be honest. We've only ever had an issue with 2 females.

LochJessMonster Tue 30-Jun-20 18:00:30

2 males tend to be easier than 2 females.
As long as everyone is neutered and introductions are positive, they will likely be absolutely fine.

I was always told ‘males fight for dominance, females fight to the death’

Cauterize Tue 30-Jun-20 18:02:11

I have two males, one neutered, one entire and two neutered females. Never had any problems.

dodgeballchamp Tue 30-Jun-20 18:14:53

Thanks everyone this is encouraging! I have been reading things online saying male and female is the preferred combination but then there might be the issue of my chi trying to hump her before he’s neutered. I guess it depends on the dogs to a large extent.

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Ylvamoon Tue 30-Jun-20 18:25:55

I had 2 entire males growing up. We never had any issues, maybe it helped that they were the same breed and had a 2 year age gap... they were half siblings!

Motorina Wed 01-Jul-20 09:28:53

Just a heads up - a friend adopted a recently neutered male, and initially had issues with her resident male. Apparently it takes time for the hormones and smell of intact male to fade. I forget how long she said, but it might be worth taking some advice on.


Palladin Wed 01-Jul-20 09:33:50

From your description, I don't think you'll have anything to worry about. Just make sure they are supervised during the settling-in period and give them some time to adjust.

vanillandhoney Wed 01-Jul-20 10:26:02

I know lots of people who have two male or two female dogs. Never any issues at all.

You should be fine so long as you introduce them properly.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 01-Jul-20 12:48:05

I know people with all sorts of combos - 3 related bitches, 2 unrelated bitches, 2 dogs and a bitch, 2 dogs etc. The only issue I've ever heard of was two male Jack Russells who knocked seven bells out of each other, even though 2 bitches is meant to be the combo from hell.

smellycat67 Wed 01-Jul-20 12:51:44

Two non neutered males here. Very different breeds, one much bigger. I worried to begin with due to size difference but they get along brilliantly. Play gets boisterous at times but never had any issues with fighting. The smaller one is definitely the more highly strung whereas my big boy is just daft. But he's definitely the dominant one and will very occasionally give a little warning to the smaller one when he is getting too much.

Overall they get on brilliantly.

Sitdowncupoftea Thu 02-Jul-20 16:45:19

I prefer male dogs and have always had more than one dog. I currently have 4 males and have reintroduced a rescue male into our family. They all get on great.

dodgeballchamp Fri 03-Jul-20 20:51:57

So, for anyone who wants an update... I adopted the puggy! Poor guy hadn’t been taken care of very well by his last owners and needs some extensive dental work but he’s so docile and my chihuahua pup likes him. They climbed into bed together on their first night home! The pup gets a bit playful and nippy sometimes but on the whole they’re pals. I’m wfh for the foreseeable so will get them into a good routine together (and get a walker/doggy daycare for when I eventually return to the office, but likely going to wfh at least 2 days a week permanently and get a walker/daycare on the other days). I’m sure this is more info than anyone’s interested in but I know there’s a lot of talk about impulsive lockdown dogs but I’m planning for the long term and will make sure they’re loved forever

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WhenCoronaWasALager Sat 04-Jul-20 01:39:17

Glad it worked out! Not too much detail at all! 🐾

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