Dog Friendly Beaches (SE)

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0Muggle0 Thu 25-Jun-20 13:05:05

I'm looking for recommendations of lovely dog friendly beaches in the South East.

We'd like to go for a dog walk one evening next week and then have fish and chips sitting on the beach.

So lovely beach (preferably fairly quiet), dogs allowed after 6pm and a really good fish & chip shop near the beach.

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googledontknow Fri 03-Jul-20 00:44:00

Whitstable, Kent
Camber Sands, Sussex

Pringle89 Sat 04-Jul-20 11:06:08

Lepe country park in the new forest had a dog friendly beach and a little cafe (not sure if open yet) one small part of beach isn’t for dogs but the rest is fine all year round - also lovely walks into the new forest too x

Floralnomad Sat 04-Jul-20 15:23:15

Dumpton Gap at Broadstairs is dog friendly and there was a cafe , not sure it’s open in the evening .

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