Dog won't do his business in the garden

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Keepyourginup Wed 24-Jun-20 18:22:03

9 month old pup. He was fine using garden until he was about 4/5 months .....and now he won't at all. We stand outside every night when we go to bed and say 'wee wee' ....he used to always go. Now he runs off under bush/plays/walks around and I just leave him to it for 10 mins - I can't see if he's been or not. He is created overnight - sleeps perfectly (no accidents since he was about 12 weeks) and is happy in crate until we get up. He's let into garden as soon as we're up - but he doesn't go. He has a walk before breakfast - he does several wees (and seems to do lots of leg cocking just for fun). We're WFH so he has early morning walk, a little 'poo walk' a couple of hours after breakfast and then a big evening walk (or a big lunchtime walk and a quick 'poo walk' post tea). However, when it's so hot in the day, we don't take him for a daytime walk.... he's been in the garden on and off a day - but I've not seen him go to the loo at all. He seems perfectly happy and he's obviously got a bladder of steel!....I'm just a little bit worried in case he's uncomfortable (surely if he was he would go in garden?!) or in case holding it for so long is bad for him/causing any damage??!! Thanks

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LadyEvelynBagley Thu 25-Jun-20 09:04:41

If he's not having accidents in the house and otherwise seems fine (healthy) then I supect he is just at that age where ther world can be too distracting and exciting and peeing is boring smile

I would keep a check on how much he is drinking to make sure he is adequately hydrated and keep praising him if/when he does pee in the garden but otherwise not worry too much.

TBH with the exception of very old or very young or unwell, my own dogs have tended to pee on the early morning walk and not really need to go again until the afternoon or later. Despite having free access to do so.

Keepyourginup Thu 25-Jun-20 09:31:58

Thanks for replying. He does drink quite a lot so I've got no concerns on his hydration. He's having a (late) 6 month check at the vets next week so they will check him over anyway. He's seems perfectly healthy and very content - think i just worry as we've never owned a dog (as an adult) before so it's new.....

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okiedokieme Thu 25-Jun-20 09:51:43

My ddog can wait until after lunch to bother to go in the garden (door wide open) but stick him on a lead and he wees up every tree and lamppost (scent marking). If you aren't getting accidents don't worry.

Top tip in this weather - if you have an old kids paddling pool, 1/4 fill it, my ddog is lying in it currently!

Marcipex Thu 25-Jun-20 11:45:04

I wish I knew how to get him into it 🥵

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Sat 27-Jun-20 13:16:49

One of my dogs would never poo in the garden. Another wouldn't ever wee or poo in the garden. They all have their different ideas of what is OK.

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