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SnowballSevenoaks Mon 22-Jun-20 22:07:05

I am trying to find a small dog for my mother who is desperate for a canine companion. We have given up approaching the rescue organizations - they won't accept her application because of her age (70s) and they have very few dogs available anyway. She is now responding to pedigree spaniel postings on Freeads which seem too good to be true. I'm not even sure these are genuine offers and I'm afraid she is going to be scammed. She is wary of adopting a dog from overseas. If anyone is aware of any genuine offer of a small female dog looking for a good home (experienced dog owner, registered with vet, fenced garden, owners home all the time, backup family within 5 miles). We are in Kent but happy to travel up to 100 miles to find this much-needed pet. Please help if you can. Many thanks.

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Maltay Mon 22-Jun-20 22:11:56

How about approaching (reputable) breeders for an ex breeding bitch? Then you are giving a dog a loving home that needs one. Many gold ones have arrangements where they help with vets fees etc

Beamur Mon 22-Jun-20 22:17:31

My Mum (early 60's) got a nice dog from the RSPCA but very few of the dogs were small.
I don't know much about spaniels, but the couple I do know of that were adult rescues have been very challenging, energetic and nervous dogs.
I know you said she was less keen in adopting from abroad and I can understand why, but I do know of a Spanish rescue that 2 people I know have got little dogs from. They too had looked extensively in the UK but struggled to find any smaller animals.

SnowballSevenoaks Mon 22-Jun-20 22:18:54

Thanks Maltay, I will try this suggestion.

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SnowballSevenoaks Mon 22-Jun-20 22:20:42

Thanks Beamur. Could you give me the name of the Spanish rescue and I will find out whether any of their dogs are already in the UK. It doesn't have to be a spaniel of course, any dog of similar size would be perfect.

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Beamur Mon 22-Jun-20 22:40:49

Hi. I had a look. I think they are called IARA alliance. Based in Cartagena, Murcia.
They have a Facebook page and seem reputable. I'm fairly sure this is the one that the people I know adopted from. Search for 'spanish dogs that need our help'.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Tue 23-Jun-20 00:22:08

Would she consider a staffy? I know one elderly lady who said she'd take any dog except a staffy, until fate intervened and she was asked to foster one.

That "foster" staffy stayed with her permanently and was followed by several other elderly staffies, right up until she had to go into residential care.

They were uniformly lovely, but had been overlooked in rescue, simply due to their age and breed.


CMOTDibbler Tue 23-Jun-20 10:41:40

In her 70's, most rescues are going to be (rightly) very concerned that she won't be able to care for a dog for very long. However, if she's prepared to take on an elderly dog, then there are more options. Mushroom isn't a very small dog, but really just wants someone to be with, and has very low exercise needs

Beamur Tue 23-Jun-20 11:14:16

I have to say my Mum died a few years after getting her dog. The dog made her last couple of years very happy, but i've had an extra dog ever since! I knew this was a possibility when Mum got her dog and agreed I would take it on if she couldn't look after it.
Would you be willing to take this dog on if it outlives her?

bunnygeek Tue 23-Jun-20 13:01:38

I saw this super sweet story at the beginning of the year - 100-year-old lady adopted an older rescue terrier. Of course the older lady I think lives with her daughter so there was back up.

I think rescues are more cautious about older people adopting puppies as they're so much hard work. I wouldn't class "70" as old really either - my mum is approaching 70 and bought a horse last year.

I wouldn't give up on UK rescues, but maybe amend the approach to them. Ask for dogs on the older end of the spectrum, not the loony youngsters. Don't rely on websites, give rescues a call and have a chat through about your circumstances. If something did happen to your mum, maybe she fractures something (*glancing back at my mum who fell off said horse a month ago and broke her ankle - eyeroll!*) and is unable to walk the dog - she has you, neighbours or friends in the immediate vicinity to help. Maybe even a dog walker to help out too.

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