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Claw grinder & medical suit recommendations

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heatseeker14 Mon 22-Jun-20 17:13:40

Any recommendations to help me choose the right products would be greatly appreciated.
Nail clippers - I have a pair of clippers but they aren’t great. I can take the tips off my dog’s claws fine, but I always seem to leave sharp edges. I’m starting to think a nail grinder/filing device would be better. Would a grinder be okay to use on dark claws?
Medical suit - I’m considering whether to buy one ready for when he is castrated. How do dogs wee when they have the suit on? Do you cut a hole for his penis or have to roll it up? Would a buster collar be better?

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PollyPolson Mon 22-Jun-20 17:53:50

I use a dremel grinder for my dogs nails.I do use them on black nails

I didn't find the body suits any good for castration as my dogs seem to lick through them and so make the wound wet. I had to resort to a buster collar for castration even the comfy blow up collars would not stop the dogs getting to a castration wound.

BiteyShark Mon 22-Jun-20 18:02:10

You have to roll the medical suit up for them to pee.

Mine could stick his nose down the leg section to get at his wound so we used a collar during the day when he was active and the medical suit at night as I slept by him so knew if he woke and was trying to stick his nose down the opening.

heatseeker14 Mon 22-Jun-20 20:44:55

Thanks for your replies. @PollyPolson, is the grinder noisy? Did it take long for your dog to get used to it? Will have a look at buster collars.👍🏻 @BiteyShark, I like the idea of swapping to the suit at night. Please can you tell me where you got the medical suit from?

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WeAllHaveWings Mon 22-Jun-20 21:05:11

For our black lab we have a dremel with the extension bit too make it easier to use. Only took 3-4 days training for ddog to get used to it.

We had the Comfy Cone when he was neutered, but a couple of days later he managed to bend it and chew it overnight, so we switched back to the normal vet cone to be safe. He really wasn't bothered with the stitches so we kept an eye on him and only used the cone when we were out or at night.

BiteyShark Mon 22-Jun-20 22:48:27

We got the medical suit from the vets. They asked if we wanted a cone or pay for the suit and they put him in the suit for us when we collected him.

heatseeker14 Tue 23-Jun-20 14:05:27

@WeAllHaveWings, thanks for your reply. It looks like a popular grinder as it is currently out of stock in all of the stores I’ve checked so far.
@BiteyShark, I will ask our vet before I book him in, thanks.

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WeAllHaveWings Tue 23-Jun-20 23:57:07

this is the one we have

There are a few other bits with it dh has used on occasion.

heatseeker14 Wed 24-Jun-20 15:52:41

Thanks @WeAllHaveWings. 🙂

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