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Am I being too overprotective?

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thepassenger99 Sat 20-Jun-20 20:14:38

I'm too scared to let my cavalier King Charles spaniel pup (9month) off the lead partly because the breed are known for chasing anything that takes their fancy including cars and partly because he does not listen at all if someone else has his attention. He's an incredibly good pup in every other aspect and isn't any trouble in any other way it's just the attention thing and so I'm wondering if any other cav owners have any tips or would I be best off keeping him on a training lead so he can still run around but not potentially hurt himself.

Thanks in advance 😊

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DrivingMissHazy Sat 20-Jun-20 20:31:31

Look at hiring secure fields and using trailing leads (loooong leads that the dog trails behind them on the floor) to help build your confidence and work on your dog's recall in a safe way.

cyclingwife Sun 21-Jun-20 08:04:00

Hi @thepassenger99 I posted about my dog (a labrador not spaniel) and being scared to let her off the lead a few weeks ago (Not brave enough to let pup off lead post). Since then we've borrowed a friends field and she's been amazing off lead. and also have been doing whistle training. She's been ace these last few weeks. We still use a trailing lead now and again in the garden (as it isn't secure and won't be until our neighbours agree to remove their trees).
Have you tried a whistle? I am astounded that my dog will drop anything and come running back to me on the sound of a whistle.
Good luck!

Itsjustabitofbanter Sun 21-Jun-20 08:06:42

I’d get one of those long line leads (not a retractable one as she’ll know she’s still on the lead with one of those). She can get quite far away from you and you can test whether she’ll come back when you call her. If not that then can you find a secure field?

vanillandhoney Sun 21-Jun-20 08:52:12

Unfortunately at 9 months he's going through doggy adolescence - the time to let them off and get recall nailed is before about six months of age.

I would hire a secure field so you can see what his recall is like, or put him on a long line. That way he can't go to far if he decides not to listen!

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