Fostering an ex racing greyhound tomorrow! - any tips please.

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ItsLateHumpty Mon 22-Jun-20 06:43:02

He’s been with us just over 24 hours now 😍

I’ve updated this thread in Chat (I know!) with pics too 😊 if it helps forgive me posting 2 threads.

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Juiceey Sun 21-Jun-20 13:11:54

Hello! Hope you've now picked him up and all is well. smile

ItsLateHumpty Sun 21-Jun-20 00:28:46

Thank you for the all the tips! I want to keep him safe, and not traumatise him so the info on what works / treats / musical tastes grin is helpful.

I will take him out for frequent loo breaks, and I plan to put his bed in the utility room which is off the main living space and visible from the sofa, but it’s not a huge room so I’m hoping it feels safe to him.
Obviously now I’ve planned it, I’m sure he’ll tell me he has other ideas 😂

I’m near a beach, so I’ll def take him there 👍 but sadly he’s not allowed off lead here so he’ll have to make do with lots of sniffing and rock pool exploring.

I’ll go check out that FB as well - thanks 😊

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BovaryX Sat 20-Jun-20 19:38:24

What a kind thing to do. We had a rescue greyhound when I was a teen. She liked to sit in a chair, she didn't like to be alone, she liked to go on walks on the beach, she loved to run on sand. She had a lovely, gentle temperament. She liked quiet and calm and soothing classical music. Good luck and hope it goes well.

Morphsplaydoughpoo Sat 20-Jun-20 19:25:31

If you have Facebook go to a page called Retired Greyhound Chat and ask there, they have so so much info!

CMOTDibbler Sat 20-Jun-20 17:50:21

I foster lurchers (for my sins, I usually only have puppies). Our usual routine is that as soon as they arrive we go in the garden and wait out there until they wee/poo, and then praise them madly and give them a nice treat (tinned hotdog sausage broken into bits is a very popular treat). I'd then work on a trip outside every 30 min (unless asleep or very settled in which case I watch like a hawk to go outside as soon as they stir) to repeat this. At 20 months you might be able to do an hour, but better to offer more and get more chances at success, tedious as it is. I use the word 'business' to reinforce what we are out there for.
My fosters are confined to 1 room so we can see what they are up to. I use a crate if they will tolerate it, and an ex racer should be OK - its a safe, secure space where they may be less anxious.
Sounds like he might have some separation anxiety, so lots of tiny popping out of the room and coming back to him will work on that.
Where do you plan for him to sleep? I've spent a lot of nights sleeping on a yoga mat to settle pups and then creeping slowly out of the room.
I'm sure they will tell you, but you never, ever use an extending lead with greys (they reach 40mph+ in 6 strides), and I'd advise keeping him on a shortish lead held across your body with a hand on each side until you know what he's like. The acceleration can mean ending up on the floor if they are inclined to suddenly take off after cats.

ItsLateHumpty Sat 20-Jun-20 15:48:25

I know! Already bumping but if anyone who usually fosters has advice on how we best help Teddy, it’s be really helpful and I’d owe you some kibbles <bribe>

It’s late here now and we get him tomorrow lunch time so I’ll check back in the morning.

I just have to keep reminding myself we might not be experts, but we’re willing, open, and far far better than a kennel right now.

flowers for all those who foster permanently - kudos due.

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ItsLateHumpty Sat 20-Jun-20 15:19:59

It’s all late notice, I’ll post the information from the rescue centre below which explains more, but TL:DR we get Teddy tomorrow until the 9th July because otherwise he sits in a kennel / pound and we’ve (humans) already let him down.
All we want is to give him the best grounding we can in the very short time we have with him. I’ve read up heaps because I know ex racers can be problematic (human not dog issue). I already know he’s not toilet trained, and I’m sure he’ll be really on edge, but if any one had tips to help us help him I’d be so grateful.

Copied from his bio / ad:

Teddy is a 20mth old male Greyhound.

Teddy's owner had only had Teddy for 3 days prior to surrendering him. Teddy lived in a family situation for those 3 days and was found to be good with both men, women and children. He was also found to walk well on lead and enjoy his walks.

Teddy was also found to 'cry' (quite possibly due to his move and possibly some anxiety). He liked to be inside, around people.

Teddy currently is not desexed, however this will occur.

Teddy had not had any other contact with other dogs other than seeing them across the road when he was out walking and we have been told he did not seem distracted. Teddy was also not exposed to any other animals as he was an only animal.

All help / advice appreciated.

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