Neighbour feeding my dog!!!

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HelmutShmacker Fri 19-Jun-20 11:58:10

My elderly neighbour keeps feeding my dog god knows what through the fence. My dog has a very sensitive stomach and the slightest change in diet/certain treats give him the runs. I've asked my neighbour twice (politely) not to feed him anything. Last time I asked what he'd given him, and he said it was sausage. My dog had diarrhea for two days after! I stopped letting my dog out in the garden unattended too which stopped him from being able to feed him anything. However this morning I was outside with the dog, pottering about doing some gardening. I was behind the shed, out of view from my neighbour. He must have thought I was inside. I heard him call my dog to the fence, and when i peeked my head round I could see him feeding something to my dog. I shouted my dogs name and my neighbour almost jumped out of his skin, and he quickly walked back inside his house. I'm absolutely fuming, but I don't want to cause any conflict as we have always gotten on apart from this issue!!! Should I say something to my neighbour or should I just leave it and make sure my dog is kept away from the fence?

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Windyatthebeach Fri 19-Jun-20 12:00:18

Point out the cost of a vet's consultation and say you will expect them to cover the cost if your dodg needs an appointment...

Henio Fri 19-Jun-20 12:03:19

Could you over exaggerate to the neighbour and tell him your dog is allergic to lots of food now? Make it sound really bad and dramatic like it could really hurt your dog? It sounds like your neighbour really likes your dog so maybe they would take it more seriously then

HelmutShmacker Fri 19-Jun-20 12:08:25

Yes he does really like him, I think he thinks I'm being cruel by not letting him give him treats. But I don't think it's even dog treats, I think it's bits of my neighbours left over dinner. If I ask him he will either lie or deny it though confused

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Crocky Fri 19-Jun-20 13:06:27

If you really don’t want to fall out with him then I can only think of a couple of options. Can you change the fence so he can’t get to the dog or possibly give him a bag of treats and tell him you don’t mind him being friendly with the dog but to only give treats approved by you that don’t upset the dog’s stomach?

SimonJT Fri 19-Jun-20 13:10:09

Its fairly warm, don’t tie your dog poo bags and leave them in your garden near the hole in the face. He’ll get a nice strong whiff of dog poo when he tries to feed the dog.

Crocky Fri 19-Jun-20 13:16:14

@SimonJT you are evil 🤣🤣


HappyHammy Fri 19-Jun-20 13:22:16

Did you post about this recently and decided not to let your doggy out unattended. If ndn is still feeding your dog you need to tell them again not to. Is there a gap in the fence or is he throwing the food over. You should fill any gap or holes. Its not cruel to put a stop to it if its making your dog unwell. The alternative might be to buy the treats yourself to give to ndn to feed your dog but that might just encourage him even more.

fairydustandpixies Fri 19-Jun-20 13:24:59

I had the exact same problem. I've had a new fence put up...expensive but cheaper than vet bills...

HelmutShmacker Fri 19-Jun-20 15:02:28

Haha @SimonJT that's hilarious. I did give him some of my treats to give him but he was giving him those plus whatever he wanted. @HappyHammy no I've not posted about this before

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HelmutShmacker Fri 19-Jun-20 15:04:10

@HappyHammy posted too soon, there's gaps in the fence, and the fence is only 3.5ft so he can easily bend over the fence to see the dog. I think I will have to look into getting a new one!

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Carolbaskinstiger Fri 19-Jun-20 15:47:05

Speak to your neighbour again and give him some treats to feed the dog that don’t upset his stomach. Just say he’s allergic

Carolbaskinstiger Fri 19-Jun-20 15:47:46

On doh sorry missed you post that said you have been giving him treats

steppemum Fri 19-Jun-20 15:50:08

write him a note.
tell him your dog is on a restricted diet.
Give him the cost of one vet's visit plus medication.
Tell him if he feeds him again you will send him the bill.

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