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Sexykitten2005 Thu 18-Jun-20 19:29:59

Does anyone else have this and needed to claim? My vet took nearly a week to put a claim in for me and it’s been over a week since they messaged me to say they had received the claim. They are now saying it will take until at least next week to make a decision. It’s the first time I’ve claimed and the first time I’ve had to take him to the vet for anything other his yearly jabs since I got him so I don’t see how this is a hard decision.

I wouldn’t mind a wait normally but I had to have him put down when we finally went and I really don’t need this hassle whilst trying to work out what to do next.

Any advice or suggestions?

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TeddyIsaHe Thu 18-Jun-20 19:32:28

Once you’ve put your claim through and they’ve paid out, change to PetPlan immediately. Is it an ongoing illness that you’re claiming for?

There’s been a lot of horror stories about them not paying out for covered illness and injury due to mad little mistakes etc. I don’t want to worry you, but they are shit for that.

Treacletoots Thu 18-Jun-20 19:32:41

They'll pay out OP. Don't worry. I had the same with them, a little slow, and panicked so much but they were actually very good, minus the discount for a dog older than 8 I think.

Sexykitten2005 Thu 18-Jun-20 19:47:52

It’s more the hassle that’s annoying me. Having to chase them. I had to have my boy put to sleep so I really don’t need the grief of continually checking up on them

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Doobydoo Thu 18-Jun-20 19:58:06

So sorry to hear that OP..that is very sad. We have 2 dogs with them..have not claimed yet..hope you get it sorted .

Wolfff Thu 18-Jun-20 20:01:26

We are with another insurance company. Our cat died after a short illness over a month ago and the insurers (More Than) have still not paid out. They are saying it is taking 6 weeks. This is due to Covid apparently. £3000 out of pocket at the money.

I have changed to Vetsure for our new cat as they say the vets bill them direct.

CooperLooper Thu 18-Jun-20 20:07:28

We're with animal friends and have had good experiences. Although - have you paid and are waiting to claim back? As we always fill out a claims form and let the insurer and vet sort between themselves. It takes a couple of weeks to get sorted but as they deal with it between themselves I don't even notice. Sorry if that's not very helpful, it's just I've found them great to deal with so wanted to give a positive outlook.


MissFlite Thu 18-Jun-20 20:08:41

We're with Animal Friends and have found them fine. We've claimed for several things (accidents and illnesseshmm) and haven't had any problems that I can remember.

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