Sporting Lucas Terriers

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Shambolical1 Thu 18-Jun-20 21:18:39

The original Lucas was a Sealyham offshoot crossed with Norfolk terriers, if I remember rightly. There is a breed club, and it's the only breed club in the UK. There's a tightly controlled register/stud book. So if you want a real Lucas terrier, that's where you need to start. They'll put you in touch with a breeder.

Brian Plummer developed his own strain of 'Sporting' Lucas terriers but I think they may have died out with him (I've not heard much about the Plummer terrier of late either). They're not connected with the Lucas family. Any pup sold as such is likely an opportunistic cross, which is fine, a dog's a dog, but it isn't a 'Lucas' terrier.

Sealyham terriers are comparatively rare these days but there's plenty of Norwich and Norfolk terriers about after they got popular with the horsey set.

seadog1977 Thu 18-Jun-20 18:24:35


I was wondering if anyone has a Sporting Lucas Terrier ? We are considering this breed of dog and would like to hear the good and bad things about them.

We are just at the stage of researching breeders etc .


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