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Am I going to have to get a puppy?

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Ellabella222 Wed 17-Jun-20 22:29:18

Missing out on rescues left, right and centre. My daughters are 10, 12 and 14 And any rescue I find who is child friendly is snapped up. It’s very disheartening and I feel I will never find a dog. Been looking for months.

Thinking that in order to get a suitable one we will need to accept we need to buy ourselves to a puppy. Is this really the only way?Never thought rescue dogs would be in short supply!

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Windyatthebeach Wed 17-Jun-20 22:31:59

In a few weeks lockdown dogs will be in abundance I imagine...

MyDucksArentInARow Wed 17-Jun-20 22:32:35

Get on waiting lists. People are returning to work, lock down puppies will be headed to the rescues soon. You just need to wait for your name to come to the top. Also let your local vets know, and breed specific rescues.

m0therofdragons Wed 17-Jun-20 22:34:58

We’re in the same situation. Been registered with rescues, dc are 8 and 12 and we have cats. We’ve given up and will be getting a kc registered puppy in August.

fivedogstofeed Wed 17-Jun-20 22:40:52

Lockdown puppies are already coming into rescue. Demand is still high as many people are still on furlough, but please do give it a few more weeks.

CMOTDibbler Wed 17-Jun-20 22:46:27

Just wait. For the last 3 months rescues haven't been able to rehome, so thats a big chunk of the time that you've been looking. With the age of your children its not as much of a limitation as with under 10's.
Get on the FB pages for the rescues and keep looking. The websites don't get updated as often, and easy to rehome dogs mostly never make it on. My latest foster came in to us in the morning, went on FB at 8pm, and her consideration list had to close by 10.30pm as there were so many suitable people. Her new family drove the 2.5 hours to meet her the next day.
What kind of dog are you looking for?

m0therofdragons Wed 17-Jun-20 22:50:37

I’ve been told that the main reason prices are mad is because mating couldn’t happen due to lock down rules (unless both mum and dad lived in the same household) so there was a massive reduction in puppies available rather than the usual numbers all going to furloughed homes. Lockdown has also made a lot of people rethink their lives and what they want from it so I don’t necessarily agree that lockdown puppies will all end up in rescues. Dh’s office has been doing flexible working for 2 years but many staff struggled with the transition but covid forced it and dh’s work will never go back to how it was. Many companies have been forced to allow home working and discovered it can be productive so people will be working at home more. There will be some homes in which it won’t work out but that is always they case.

Ellabella222 Wed 17-Jun-20 22:59:59

Thanks for advice. The rescue centres near us don’t seem to even have waiting lists and just advise watching the websites. I try that, am on there every morning and still no luck. It’s crazy. Also very time consuming.

We want a dog suitable for kids really. Not too big. So we’re not fussy really.

I will persevere I suppose but there seems little point in waiting forever when we want a dog now. Will give it another 3 months maybe.

Thanks for the advice. If it doesn’t happen will probably be back asking how to find a suitable breeder.

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wheresmyliveship Wed 17-Jun-20 23:01:17

Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust (not just Lincolnshire) - they have lots of retired greys and ours is wonderful with kids!

fivedogstofeed Wed 17-Jun-20 23:02:01

I disagree. Prices are crazy because demand went through the roof.
I collected two unwanted lockdown puppies at the weekend.

Geometricprince Wed 17-Jun-20 23:05:29

Would you consider a greyhound? They're not for everyone I know but they're great dogs, generally good with kids and there's plenty available. Try retired greyhound trust for a local branch.

Mine is currently stretched out next to me, he's the best dog ever smile

Ellabella222 Wed 17-Jun-20 23:06:16

I thought about greyhounds but they just seem too big for us.

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Geometricprince Wed 17-Jun-20 23:08:03

Ours is massive grin but they do come in many different sizes so maybe worth a look. They can also make themselves very small if there's a warm space they want to fit into smile

Ellabella222 Wed 17-Jun-20 23:09:00

Thanks will have a look.

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Sarahlou63 Wed 17-Jun-20 23:11:36

Have a look at this lot -

I volunteer at this kennels (hosing shit and giving cuddles - sometimes the two activities overlap!) and they have masses of fabulous dogs of all shapes, ages and sizes desperately looking for new homes. Most have been abandoned due to bereavement or poverty and are longing to have a human to call their own! There is a new service being set up to rehome dogs in the UK so if you are interested just like the page for updates.

Ellabella222 Wed 17-Jun-20 23:15:23

Ok thanks, was a bit confused as it’s in Spanish but I see you said they are looking to do something in UK. Will follow them.

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Ellabella222 Wed 17-Jun-20 23:16:46

Actually it may not be Spanish! Sorry if I got that wrong.

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Sarahlou63 Wed 17-Jun-20 23:18:33

LOL - Portuguese!

Ellabella222 Wed 17-Jun-20 23:27:03


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Sarahlou63 Wed 17-Jun-20 23:41:50

Ooh! Spooky! The new page is up; Dog Rehoming Portugal- UK

If you see a dog you like the look of I’d be happy to take pics and videos - I’m usually there twice a week.

Ellabella222 Thu 18-Jun-20 00:02:46

Thanks I will have a look.

How does it work? You obviously have to pay for their travel to UK I guess. Are they neutered? What about injections?

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Sarahlou63 Thu 18-Jun-20 00:06:16

I don’t know the details, will find out and let you know

Ellabella222 Thu 18-Jun-20 00:10:04


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MintJuleps Thu 18-Jun-20 00:34:05

Don't get a greyhound. They're always pushed on here but they're not great as a first dog. Most are huge, most can't ever be let off a lead and they aren't toilet trained half the time as used to living away from a house. They also aren't what I'd call a fun family dog

I know people will be along to wildly disagree with this but honestly - don't go there. Just get yourself a properly bred dog. I'd recommend maybe a toy poodle (they're fab little busy dogs and look amazing without the silly clip) or a cocker of you like bonkers but very family friendly.

TimeWastingButFun Thu 18-Jun-20 00:56:13

I would definitely go for a puppy from a reputable breeder with kids, at least you know 100% their background. When they're teens we'll probably get a rescue, and my mum got a rescue recently too. I'm always very wary not knowing a dogs total history where children are concerned.

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