Doggy diarrhoea advice

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Bloodhoundgang Sun 14-Jun-20 23:13:45

I have a beautiful 8 month old lab I've had for 6 weeks and have gradually changed their food over the last 3 weeks (pet shop didn't keep what they were on so they suggested a particular feed) Doggy eats but has vomited a few times and for the last week most of his stools are basically diarrhoea. His wind is vile. He doesnt appear in pain, is full of life, eats absolutely anything he's given, and would eat 10 times that if he could get his paws on it. I've had him on rice today and I'm going to get him to a vet in the morning.
Is it likely to be the change of food?? I suspect it is too rich for a younger dog. If it was something infective I'd be expecting weight loss, foul stools??
He is also fond of grass, leaves, flowers, anything he can chew. Any advice gratefully received.

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MyBabyIsAFurBaby Mon 15-Jun-20 09:42:35

This sounds just like my 3.5 month pup. A change of food can definitely do this. I have spoken to my vet about it and she actually suggested the heat could be giving her an upset stomach, as some breeds struggle more (I believe she has a lab too, and says that she tries to walk in the shade and stop for water every 10 minutes).

I've noticed that my fur baby gulps down her food incredibly quickly, then gets hiccups and is sometimes sick a little bit after. We've started feeding her the food in smaller amounts, waiting for her to finish and then giving her some more after a few minutes (e.g. she eats about 300g at dinner, so we give her 3x100g portions over about 20-30 minutes).

She also picks up everything that we walk passed, including litter, so we have a constant battle to keep things out of her mouth! She loves grass, flowers and leaves, but it pretty good at just chewing them, rather than swallowing them. xx

Giggorata Mon 15-Jun-20 09:58:52

Our labs sneakily eat anything they can on walks, especially if it is disgusting or rotting, with consequent diarrhoea. Lovely. envy (not envy.)
So we starve them for 24 hours and then they get chicken and rice.
It generally works.

UnfinishedSymphon Mon 15-Jun-20 11:30:05

I'd avoid chicken and give turkey or white fish and rice, some dogs are intolerant of chicken, mine included. When she was poorly vet recommended turkey and sweet potato

Bloodhoundgang Mon 15-Jun-20 23:10:34

Thank you all. All a good bit better today. New food being introduced and I got a slow feeder bowl to see does it help any bit. @MyBabyIsAFurBaby I reckon the heat doesn't help. He's very good and sits in the shade but as soon as he sees another puppy he's off. Whatever the weather.

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Katypyee Mon 15-Jun-20 23:17:38

When we first got our dog she suffered terribly just like this when we changed her food. We added canned sweet potato or pumpkin (unsweetened) to her food (2 tablespoons at each meal), along with 2 tablespoons or raw goat milk. This helped massively.

Over time we left out the goat milk and now she hasn't had any sweet potato or pumpkin for almost 8 weeks and her poos are back to normal. It took around 6 months for her gut to settle down.

Bloodhoundgang Tue 16-Jun-20 21:34:16

6 months @Katypyee your poor puppy, glad they're on the mend now . I hope ours gets back to himself soon. Canned sweet potato sounds lovely. He will eat absolutely anything in fairness.

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Baybetterdays Thu 18-Jun-20 19:12:47

I’d get him back on the old food and see how you get on. I always have a tube of Prokolin in for my lab, it’s kaolin and pectin so nothing drastic, keeps forever and firms everything up within 24hrs. A lifesaver (and often a carpet saver too if things get really bad!).

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