Recommend anything healthy similar to rawhide?

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Dualipa Sun 14-Jun-20 08:19:56

I'm after a healthy natural treat for my old dog who's got a sensitive tummy.
She used to love rawhide sticks until I realised that they are unhealthy & made her have the runs!

Anyone know of a good healthy alternative and where to order from?

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vanillandhoney Sun 14-Jun-20 08:36:11

Pigs ears, pizzles, antlers, lambs tails, goat or cow or rabbit ears, yakkers chews, cows hooves - all available from pets at home smile

midnightstar66 Sun 14-Jun-20 08:47:55

There are loads of animal skin alternatives now. Pets at home have an ok selection and amazon has loads. Also lots of specialist online dog shops now. You can get all sorts - tracheas, ears, feet, snouts ..

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sun 14-Jun-20 08:51:50

Do any of those last as long as a chunky twist of rawhide? Pig's ears last about 2 seconds here.

midnightstar66 Sun 14-Jun-20 09:07:37

The pizzle sticks and yak chews are pretty long lasting

Dualipa Sun 14-Jun-20 09:24:59

Both pretty expensive at around £3 for one pizzle and almost a tenner for a yak chew! Any cheaper anywhere?

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fivedogstofeed Sun 14-Jun-20 09:55:43

I give mine fish skin bars. Helps to clean their teeth as well.


midnightstar66 Sun 14-Jun-20 10:04:54

You should find the yak chew cheaper although probably depends what size you need. The pizzle sticks probably are that much bit could be cheaper in bulk. Rawhide is obviously cheaper but it's pretty crap and that's why

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sun 14-Jun-20 10:53:01

I'll give the puzzles a try - I think our local pet shop stocks them.

vanillandhoney Sun 14-Jun-20 10:56:44


Both pretty expensive at around £3 for one pizzle and almost a tenner for a yak chew! Any cheaper anywhere?

The reason rawhide is cheap is because it's full of crap - if you're using to paying £1/2 for rawhide then the others will seem expensive.

You can bulk-buy natural chews online. You can get 2-3 Yakkers for £10 (and they last ages so they're good value). I get mine from Amazon. I also bulk-buy stuffed hooves from Hollings. £20 a box but they last him about 6-8 weeks minimum so it's about 50p a day. Dirt cheap considering the hours of peace and quiet they buy me!

Ylvamoon Sun 14-Jun-20 15:35:05

I second fisch skin chews! I have dryed "bars" as well as the whole dried skin. The skin does get chewy like rawhide.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sun 14-Jun-20 16:10:28

How smelly are the fish skin ones?

Ylvamoon Sun 14-Jun-20 16:18:17

Not too bad if your dog gobbles them down quickly, my dogs don't smell of them afterwards (long hair Tibetans). But as with anything fishy, it can smell a bit while they have them. I usually feed them outside or in the "doggy" room. I wouldn't want them on any carpet or other floors where DC play.

fivedogstofeed Sun 14-Jun-20 17:04:24

Genuinely not that smelly as they're dried. My lot usually take one outside, and they actually do eat them so there aren't bits lying around.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sun 14-Jun-20 17:56:11

Not too bad if your dog gobbles them down quickly,
How quickly? Sorry about the cross-examination, but I want a chew that will shut them up for 15-30 mins. They have jaws of bloody steel.

I just want something non-stinky, that won't leave nasty remains on a hard floor, and that gives them a good gnaw for 15 mins plus, and doesn't break the bank. Rawhide does all this, but I know that it has a well-deserved bad reputation, so I'm trying to find something else.

Ylvamoon Sun 14-Jun-20 18:22:24

... well YlvaDog#1: >5min, YlvaDog#3 < 15 minutes... the other one somewhere in between.
But mine are greedy and always on the lookout for someone else's treats. Speed is an advantage. (Disclaimer: YlvaDog3 is just not that much into chewing)

Yourownpersonaljesus Sun 14-Jun-20 18:36:06

My dog loves a Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush:
They are expensive so she doesn’t get one every day. You can buy them in some supermarkets as well as online.

RedRed9 Sun 14-Jun-20 18:47:48

Both pretty expensive at around £3 for one pizzle and almost a tenner for a yak chew!

Buffalo pizzles are around £2.50-£3 but regular pizzles are cheaper.

A yak chew lasts ages so the expense is spread out. But be careful as our dachshund got constipated and I wondered if those had anything to do with it.

There are literally so many natural choices now:
chicken jerky,
turkey/duck necks,
puffed chicken feet,
puffed pig snouts,
lambs tails,
ostrich spaghetti,
pork roll,
rabbit ears,
deer hide,
cow ears,
ostrich bones.

I could go on and on.

RedRed9 Sun 14-Jun-20 18:49:04

Veterinari Sun 14-Jun-20 19:08:47

Antlers are very long lasting

fivedogstofeed Sun 14-Jun-20 21:02:36

My lot would get 15-20mins out of one of these

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sun 14-Jun-20 21:09:09

Thanks everyone - shall have a look at some of those.

Dualipa Sun 14-Jun-20 21:22:56

Pizzles are penis's!! I've ordered but kind of feel sorry for my old girl chewing on a willy 😳

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RedRed9 Sun 14-Jun-20 21:39:03

kind of feel sorry for my old girl chewing on a willy


If it helps they look nothing like a penis. And she’ll absolutely love them.

midnightstar66 Sun 14-Jun-20 21:49:57

Another thing dpup liked absolutely stank, kept her busy a while but yuk... turned out to be bulls bladder lining 😬. The tracheas are huge - some stuffed and I imagine they'd take ages. Dpup is a bit small and young to try her with one yet but I did pick up a stuffed hoof today at pets at home and some ducks feet... the feet kept her busy for a good 15 minutes but imagine a bigger dog would make light work. I noticed they had bulls tails too

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