Bulging disc in dog

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halfbakedkate Fri 12-Jun-20 14:28:51

My lovely (but nutty) spaniel cross has possibly got a bulging disc in his back. He has been experiencing pain for the last few months. He had an X-ray at the vets about a month ago and they advised rest but he's still not right.

I've spoken to the vet today and she said that she can now refer him to a specialist orthopaedic centre for an mri scan and consultation. She said this then may lead to him needing an operation.

I've just been googling and I've read that surgery is risky. Also that once a dog has back issues then they are more likely to suffer with further slipped discs. Then I've seen that dogs will often respond well to further rest and can heal on their own. So am now torn about whether this is the best option for him.

We love him so much and want to make sure he gets the best treatment. But the hefty vet bill we would no doubt face (will run into £1000's) is also worrying me. He is so unhappy and miserable too because the things he loves to do (running off lead in the woods for example) are off limits. So a life of rest and pain relief is just not fair on him.

I wondered if anyone had experienced similar with their dog?

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Hannahusky Sat 13-Jun-20 22:16:05

Sorry to hear you're going through this! It's honestly all about what works for your dog. Can your vet prescribe anti-inflammatories to help him with the disc? A lot of dogs will respond very well to that sort of medication alongside pain relief and rehabilitation, like hydrotherapy.

Baybetterdays Sun 14-Jun-20 14:21:08

Hi there, am sorry to hear about your boy. Sadly I have been going through this with my dog, but he’s 10 and has an elbow issue too. We’ve had CT and MRI and he has 2 bulging discs and actually had a ‘subluxation’ of the vertebrae. What I’d say is if you possibly can, get the MRI so you know what’s going on. It could be IVDD or it could be a one off, and they can operate (think it’s called a hemilamonectomy or similar). It all sounds horrific but dogs do recover, sometimes the discs stabilise and sometimes surgery is really successful. My boy is not a candidate for surgery due to front leg issues but we have managed him with pain relief and physio. It’s a massive commitment, time and money, but the worst of it is it is absolutely heartbreaking to see. But if your dog is relatively young and healthy there is a lot of hope. Happy to let you know about pain options for conservative management, also - make sure you’re 100% happy with the vet. You need a neuro, we’ve seen a couple and they along with the vets who run a specialist ‘pain clinic’ have saved my sanity this last 10 months. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone - good luck and I hope for the best for you and your boy. You obviously love him very much, and he’s lucky to have you!

halfbakedkate Mon 15-Jun-20 21:24:27

Thank you so much for your replies. He went to see a specialist today and they have said very strict bed rest for next two weeks and then they will review. So fingers crossed. Thanks again

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