How did you pay for your puppy?

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doughnutsare4ever Thu 11-Jun-20 10:31:09

I'm supposed to pick up a puppy on Monday, I have already put in a deposit, but not sure what to do now.

Did you pay the outstanding amount before picking up the puppy? Or after picking up? How? Check? Bank transfer?

The other time I bought a puppy was a long time ago, and I honestly don't remember the details.

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vanillandhoney Thu 11-Jun-20 10:57:54

Bank transfer on collection.

doughnutsare4ever Thu 11-Jun-20 11:07:54


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BiteyShark Thu 11-Jun-20 11:34:23

Cash on collection.

BiteyShark Thu 11-Jun-20 11:35:05

I was given the option of bank transfer or cheque prior to collection or cash when we picked him up.

doughnutsare4ever Thu 11-Jun-20 11:47:14

I paid cash for my first dog, but the prices have gone up considerably now.

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Thu 11-Jun-20 12:30:26

Deposit plus cash on collection in the past, but bank transfer of the balance just prior to collection is becoming more common.


Monkeytapper Thu 11-Jun-20 12:37:33

Bam transfer when I picked her up, breeder checked it had gone into her bank whilst was there.

doughnutsare4ever Thu 11-Jun-20 12:53:30

just prior to collection is becoming more common.

You mean when you are there, and do the transfer on your banking app?

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Thu 11-Jun-20 15:19:39

You mean when you are there, and do the transfer on your banking app?
Online before you leave home to collect the puppy is the method I know about.

BiteyShark Thu 11-Jun-20 16:39:17

You mean when you are there, and do the transfer on your banking app?

I would have had to pay by bank transfer the day before collection. Personally I preferred the cash at collection option.

Stellaris22 Thu 11-Jun-20 17:56:48

Deposit and bank transfer on collection via a banking app.

GeraltOfRivia Thu 11-Jun-20 19:57:00

I paid by bank transfer on collection. Same time as she was sorting the 1 month insurance paperwork.

Luckyonetwo Thu 11-Jun-20 20:02:06

Cash on collection.

BreastedBoobilyToTheStairs Thu 11-Jun-20 20:09:11

Bank transfer on collection for us too.

SimonJT Thu 11-Jun-20 20:11:16

I did bank transfer for both the deposit and the final balance.

AutumnColours9 Thu 11-Jun-20 23:47:18

Cash on collection

Girlintheframe Fri 12-Jun-20 05:13:33

Deposit then bank transfer once we arrived at breeders house. They checked it had gone in whilst we were there. Did it all via our banking app.

midnightstar66 Fri 12-Jun-20 05:28:25

I paid the night before via bank transfer as was getting her from a friend. Currently I'd do an instant bank transfer when there. Not before in case you arrive and there are problems and I don't imagine they'll let you leave with the puppy without having paid

midnightstar66 Fri 12-Jun-20 05:29:37

Also I assume you've not seen puppy yet due to current circumstances so definitely wouldn't be paying before you do

mumofftwo Fri 12-Jun-20 07:48:28

We went and view her put the deposit down and then paid when we collected her cash both times

pawpatrolpawpatrol Fri 12-Jun-20 07:52:37

Have had 2 puppies over the years- first time was cash on pick up. Second time was bank transfer - second time was from a family friend so payment schedule in instalments

muckandnettles Fri 12-Jun-20 10:41:08

Cash on collection, which I preferred as I could then actually see the puppy and have it in my hands before handing the money over - so many scams around I was very dubious about bank transfer before as we hadn't been able to do anything other than video call.

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