Can you recommend a dog car seat for a dachshund?

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Wonderingwhyme Tue 09-Jun-20 13:12:44

I need something to put dog in for the car so it needs to have the clip so dog can be clipped in. I want one with reasonably high sides, not a booster cushion, and not one of those ones that ‘hang’, it needs to sit on the actual seat of the car. The only ones I can find are either flimsy or too small as they are for small animals. It needs to be able to fit in the middle seat of the car.

Can anyone recommend one they have?

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LochJessMonster Tue 09-Jun-20 13:20:47

Personally for a dachshund I would use a soft crate.
Clipping a dachshund in by collar or harness is too risky due to their delicate spines.

Wonderingwhyme Tue 09-Jun-20 13:25:52

That is what I’m looking for but it needs to go in middle of back seat. It can’t go in the boot so it needs to attach to the car seat and then attach clip to harness. Won’t have a lose crate or dog lose in the crate.....

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