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Popandhop Mon 08-Jun-20 09:58:40

Have posted in pets but thought the doghouse may be a good place also.

One of my dogs started random whimpering and yelping and cowering away from touch, she also started urinating in the house.

I took her to the vets, vet said she had pulled prodded poked and twisted to see where pain is coming from but could not get her to make a noise she put her on painkillers for 7days and adviced not to walk her atm as we don't know what's causing pain.

She finished the 7days on the painkillers and all signs of pain had disappeared, she started coming for fuss and moving about more but she started growling at the other dog which has now turned to attacking our other dog and she is still urinating inside.

We took her back and had urine and bloods done but tests both came back completely clear, and she is eating and drinking normally.

As for fighting with the other dog vets has just said to be careful. She looks so sad all the time, she sits facing corners and just isn't herself. Other then that no advice from vet on what course to take next but something isn't right with dog.

I just want her to be back to her happy laid back self, she's gone from a placid lovely dog to one I'm having to crate to protect other dog and my children (she has not shown any aggression towards people but I worry that she might as she had never shown aggression towards other dogs until this week) it's not fair on her to be crated as much as she is, especially if she feeling unwell, and I feel so guilty but I need to protect others.

Sorry for the long post, not sure what to do next, should I give it a few days, take her to a different vet, push for certain other tests if so what sort of test?

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vanillandhoney Mon 08-Jun-20 10:48:22

Has she been tested for meningitis?

Popandhop Mon 08-Jun-20 11:31:02

I don't think so, but I'm not 100% sure what they tested for in bloods and urine all I know is they said they were doing all checks to rule out uti kidney issues and arthritis but all test came back clear she is now booked in to another vet for wednesday.

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vanillandhoney Mon 08-Jun-20 13:58:38

I would ask them to check for something called SRMA which basically means steroid-responsive meningitis. It's totally treatable and most dogs bounce back within a week or so of starting treatment.

The pain and cowering away makes me think it could be that - and I'll bet my bottom dollar that the aggression is due to hidden pain.

FuckyNel Mon 08-Jun-20 14:01:58

She might be suffering dementia my dog faced corners too - also she started waiting to go out via the wrong side of the door iukwim - the hinge side rather than the handle

Popandhop Mon 08-Jun-20 14:03:43

Thanks guys will mention to vet on wednesday.

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