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where to buy a puppy dog or cockapoo

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MabelMoo23 Mon 08-Jun-20 17:04:42

I would read the story of Molly Mae from Love Island and Tommy Fury very very carefully. A perfect reason as to why you should research your breeder very carefully and make sure they are genuine

This Morning also did a segment today on it and the lady in question paid £1900 for a lab puppy that she collected in a car park. Never saw the parents.

The puppy had parvo and transpires fake paperwork and “breeder” nowhere to be found. Cost her another £2k at the vets. Luckily her puppy was ok, Molly Mae’s puppy died after something like 6 days

Don’t just “buy a puppy from a website”

june79 Sun 07-Jun-20 17:37:58

that's great, thanks. seems like contacting rescues seem to be the better way to go ahead! Thanks!

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wetotter Sun 07-Jun-20 08:18:18

As you seem to know local reliable breeders, then I suggest you go on their waiting lists. And even if they have been highly recommended to you, remember you still need to check them yourself - health of sire and dam, what the puppies' early life will be like, onwards support after the puppy comes to live with you etc

And yes, puppy prices have risen considerably this year.

Also reputable breeders have paused makings until the lockdown situation becomes clearer.

It might also be worth contacting rescues, if you would consider an older puppy, as many are bracing themselves for an expected influx of dogs once lockdown ends and people whose circumstances change decide they can no longer keep their dogs

Poniesandgin Sun 07-Jun-20 08:04:17

Most dogs cost £1k plus and so they should if they are health tested etc. It costs a fortune to raise a litter correctly.

However cockerpoos are a cross breeds, not many of them are health tested and lots cockers or poodles are crossed to get around the KC registration rules for purebreds.
I also find many of them of have the weak or nervous temperaments, easily matted costs and constant ear or anal gland infections.

What about getting one a non shedding purebred? Poodles and cockerpoos look the same when cut into teddy cuts.

GrimDamnFanjo Sun 07-Jun-20 00:48:24

Erm, what reliable breeder website would that be?

june79 Sun 07-Jun-20 00:36:54


Hope everyone is keeping safe. I am looking to buy/adopt a cockapoo to join our family. But I am so surprised that I am unable to find any at this time. Either they cost £1k+ or they are just unavailable at the reliable breeder website. Can anyone suggest where I can find one? Thanks!

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