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Mella91 Sat 06-Jun-20 18:29:22


Just found a newborn puppy with eyes closed left beside road in a basket (I hate humans sometimes!!!) I have brought it home, keeping it warm. Need urgent care tips please.

I live abroad and will not be able to find newborn puppy milk here. I read I can feed the puppy goats milk and so gave the puppy some via syringe. Couldn't find anymore help

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Bookaholic73 Sat 06-Jun-20 18:30:00

You need to take it to a vet ASAP.

Mella91 Sat 06-Jun-20 18:30:08

I know to keep puppy warm, feed every 2 hours with goats milk.

What else? Do I need to give the puppy water?

How would they use potty??? Any help welcome

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Mella91 Sat 06-Jun-20 18:31:37

No vets at all!! I would have taken the puppy straight away. Private vets are all closed on weekends, we have govt vets open but we have no claim or rights there. They take in strays and lots of people say the govt vets put strays animals down! I cannot leave the puppy there knowing he will be put down. Next to me he has hope to survive

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CoffeeBeansGalore Sat 06-Jun-20 18:44:33

Bum will need wiping regularly with cotton wool & warm water to stimulate the pup into pooing, & then obviously cleaning. A lot of warm close contact with you as no mum or litter mates.
Do you know of any decent local to you breeders who could give some advice?
Or go to & find a breeder, preferably same breed as pup if you know what it is. Explain situation & ask advice. A decent one will help you, or point you in the right direction. As suggested above, if your local vet is open you could give them a call.
Possibly cooled boiled water may be ok but best to ask a vet or breeder.
Good luck.

Giggorata Sat 06-Jun-20 18:46:34

We used a milk formula meant for lambs for out orphan pups, it's called Lamb Lac.

CoffeeBeansGalore Sat 06-Jun-20 18:51:21

Try looking at this website:

Google "looking after orphaned newborn puppy"

Hopefully this can help you until you get some real life help.


OVienna Sat 06-Jun-20 19:54:21

Which country are you in?

ExShield Sat 06-Jun-20 20:16:50

Photos please! And regular pupdates!

P0lka Sat 06-Jun-20 20:31:18

Can you estimate puppies age to give us a better idea - different ages require different care.

However, this is not a job for the uninformed novice; please seek help!

Allnamesaregone Sat 06-Jun-20 20:35:36

You need Welpi Dog milk powder and a feeding bottle. All instructions are on the tub. Newborn puppies can’t pee or poo so they need stimulation with damp cotton wool after every feed to simulate their mother’s tongue.

Allnamesaregone Sat 06-Jun-20 20:36:50

Eyes open at 10-14 days

LochJessMonster Sat 06-Jun-20 21:09:01

I’ll be honest, even a professional will have trouble keeping that puppy alive.
The best shot he has is to get him to the government vets.

tsmainsqueeze Sat 06-Jun-20 21:26:31

Hi , i have successfully hand reared newborn pups twice, 1st time used welpi, 2nd time goats milk from supermarket , goats milk much better in my experience .
If you choose welpi or similar after you have mixed powder with water whisk it thoroughly with a whisk as its quite lumpy, warm it a little too.
Both times i used a human baby bottle , much less faff than animal type , use new baby teat then make hole bigger as pup grows.
They need to be kept warm as cant generate their own body heat.
They certainly let you know when they are hungry ! and will go quiet and sleepy when satisfied .
Give his abdomen a gentle rub after a feed and wipe his anus with damp cotton wool to encourage defecation.
I wouldn't take him to a vets if you can manage yourself , im a vet nurse and we are run off our feet ,they would only be able to help if a member of staff takes it on their self.
Both times for me were successful ,i hope for you too , its one of the most rewarding things ever.
You will have to feed through the night but not necessarily every 2 hours , the pups behaviour will dictate.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 07-Jun-20 10:35:00

Poor baby. Why are people so bloody wicked. It makes you wonder what's happened to his/her siblings and mummy dog. Thank God you found this tiny innocent baby. It'll be nice to see some pics and updates. He/She must be adorable.

vanillandhoney Sun 07-Jun-20 11:08:57

I assume you're not in the UK from what you've said re. vets - but if you are, there are vets open at weekends - you just need to ring and explain the situation to the weekend helpline and they'll send you to the local on-call practise. It may not necessarily be your usual vet or one close to you, but there will be vets available - there have to be.

SionnachGlic Sun 07-Jun-20 11:16:42

I hope he made it thro last night. You will have needed to set your alarm to get up & feed him at regular intervals. Cow's milk better than nothing if that is all you have until you can get to a vet/pet shop. He probably needs a lukewarm hot water bottle in with him & use straw or newspaper bedding that can be thrown away. Mother's tongue stimulates bladder/bowels so you do need to wipe his litlle bum with warm cotton wool. I hope during the night went ok. Poor little thing. It will take round the clock care for a few weeks if he is to make it. Good Luck OP.

pigsDOfly Sun 07-Jun-20 12:37:25

Nothing at all to add in the way of help as I have no idea what one would do in these circumstances but just wanted to say that there are some lovely people on here, always ready to offer help and expertise; it's very heart warming.

Hovverry Sun 07-Jun-20 19:06:14

I’ve done this too. Try to replicate how a pup is cared for by his mother. Keep him warm and clean, feed when he wakes and cries. Mine gave up night feeds quite quickly and soon settled to roughly 4 hourly feeds.
If he’s thriving on goat’s milk stick with it, don’t chop and change his milk.
Hope your little baby does well.

Mella91 Sun 19-Jul-20 12:19:15


I am so sorry I was in so much of a rush I didn't have time to look back here and then quite frankly I absolutely forgot I posted here! We had a beautiful (and a little sad) ending. We were at our summer house (a small village) when we found the puppy and when looking for formula milk or goats milk we told all those we saw that we found a puppy. We fed the puppy every 3 hours and kept her warm. Word of mouth travels fast, the same night a few people came over saying they found a dog with her breasts swollen and red (poor thing) wondering around howling. We sussed out it was our pups mummy so quickly joined them together. The mum rejected at first we kept them close and at the same time a villager massaged her breasts.. within a few hours she was breast feeding. Whilst we wear tending to the pup and mum husband and other men went around in search of more puppies. They managed to find 3 more and sadly 2 dead sad .. again the mum rejected her other 3 but with time accepted them too..

The people here do not like dogs much but they managed to bond with this mum because of her tragic circumstances so we have spent the past weeks looking after her and the puppies all together.

I still cannot comprehend how a person can separate a mum from her newborn pups knowing the pups wouldn't survive. Evil evil evil people

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Mella91 Sun 19-Jul-20 12:20:17

We are in Turkey, we live in a city but we found the pup when we went to our holiday home in a village in Turkey

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Mella91 Sun 19-Jul-20 12:21:45

I never thought there would be siblings (I dont have a clue on dogs sadly) but we managed to find 3 healthy siblings and sadly 2 couldn't make it

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fivedogstofeed Sun 19-Jul-20 12:24:45

Gosh. Well done OP! Can you find homes for them all when they're ready?

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