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A food one again!

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CoffeeBeansGalore Thu 04-Jun-20 11:09:09

Just to add, I know plenty of people who feed a raw diet and are very happy with it, and their dogs are happy and healthy. I believe it is rather more expensive though. Hopefully someone will come along to give you the pros and cons of raw smile

CoffeeBeansGalore Thu 04-Jun-20 11:06:03

I use dry food. Autarky or Dr John's Gold/Titanium. These are reasonably priced. I also add cooked meat, eggs or sausages several times a week to add extra protein. And always have plenty of water available.

Lightuptheroom Thu 04-Jun-20 10:59:47

We have a 14 month old lab, she can't get overweight as she has signs of tracheal collapse. We've been feeding her Wagg worker, but recently I've noticed that she seems to be constantly hungry. I've looked on all about dog food but there are so many choices! Needs to be a mid range price but obviously better nutritionally than we're currently giving her. Does raw work out very expensive and do you need lots of storage space? Is wet better than kibble? I last owned a dog when the choice was more pedigree chum or winalot so feel a bit lost but want to make the best choice for her. Other than the hunger thing she's thriving, shiny coat etc

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