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Redmarchingband Wed 03-Jun-20 20:08:19

Currently in the process of adopting a rescue. Which pet insurance can people recommend please? Have done a search but most of the threads are from years ago

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iVampire Wed 03-Jun-20 20:17:43

We got a lifetime policy from Bought By Many. We’ve had to make two claims already sad and it was very straightforward

Look out for a good level of cover (I’d say a minimum of £7k a year) a low excess (per year or per condition/claim?) lifetime policy, resetting annually (ie not per condition limits) also look out for weird exclusions (there’s sometimes a cap on complementary therapies, even when vet recommends)

moosemama Wed 03-Jun-20 21:12:08

PetPlan have paid out £14,000 worth of claims for my Lurcher over the past 18 months. He has an exclusion for gastro issues, as he came to us as a rescue pup with campylobacter, so it was a pre-existing issue, but they still covered him when he developed medication induced pancreatitis and gastritis recently.

As iVampire said, you need a minimum of £7k a year cover. I’d say get the most you can afford - a week’s stay at a specialist veterinary hospital, with a couple of follow up visits almost wiped out a year’s cover for my boy last year. Definitely go for a lifetime cover policy, so all conditions are covered every year, rather than them excluding conditions on each renewal. For example, if your dog developed something like diabetes, they would continue to cover treatment for it for life, rather than excluding anything relating to diabetes at the next renewal day.

Also check what you are expected to do re the dog’s welfare, for example, some will only cover dental work if you have their teeth checked by a vet annually.

PetPlan are definitely not the cheapest, but I’ve never had them refuse a pay out yet, in over 30 years of having dogs and their customer care has always been great as well.

Girlintheframe Thu 04-Jun-20 05:07:23

We use BBM too. Got to make our 1st claim shorty.
So far they have been excellent and we have 15k of cover for a very reasonable price.
We used there 1st vet app last week (get a face time consultation with a vet without if effecting price/policy) which I have nothing but great things to say about. Was really helpful as gave us a 2nd opinion before we started treatment.

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