What do you take on a walk?

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HaveYouSeenMyBones Tue 02-Jun-20 20:44:44

I recently popped out for a dog walk, which ended up being longer than expected because it was so lovely. However, I'd left the house in leggings and a t-shirt so no pockets - I'd tied poo bags to the lead handle, shoved my phone in my bra and carried my keys. It was not ideal so I've started thinking about getting a little bag/bum bag with essentials in, for those kind of walks in the summer when I am not wearing a coat/pockets.

I just caught myself eyeing up swiss army knives and think I may have gone too far grin

Bring me back into line. What would you take for a 1-2 hour walk, on a not-too-hot day, for a walk in the countryside?

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SuperLoudPoppingAction Tue 02-Jun-20 20:46:47

Small water bottle.
Many poo bags.
Mini first aid kit.
Emergency muzzle (folds up small) in case ouchy first aid needs to be administered.

dudsville Tue 02-Jun-20 20:46:51

I take a large bottle of water for them. Poo bags (like you tied to the handle). And my keys.

sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 02-Jun-20 20:47:58

poo bags, my phone, keys, and if i know it will be a long walk and its hot, then a water bottle like this which the dog can drink out of

BiteyShark Tue 02-Jun-20 20:48:44

I always have

Poo bags
Collapsible water bowl
Bottle of water for dog
Ball to throw for dog and to reward for recall

ScarfLadysBag Tue 02-Jun-20 20:48:50

I cheat because I take DD with me in carrier or pram so can stash stuff! But generally just poo bags and a lead and then my keys and phone. Maybe a water bottle if we were going somewhere with no access to water for DDdog. I don't take treats any more but when DDog was younger I used to take a little pouch along, or a tube of liver paste. I had a little waist bag thing when we were training that would take keys, phone, treats, poo bags etc (I don't want to say the word bumbag grin)

lljkk Tue 02-Jun-20 20:52:28

I walk dog for someone else, sometimes we go bit over an hour.
I bring plastic bags, phone in case something happened & we got delayed, hand sanitiser (in case I get dog muck on my hands, eek!). The lead.

If it wasn't my dog then the phone could be left behind.


lljkk Tue 02-Jun-20 20:52:46

oops... if it WAS my dog I wouldn't bother with the phone.

dochas06 Tue 02-Jun-20 20:56:40

I also have a Pram with me on most walks so have lots of space for doggy stuff too
Poop bags, treats, water & bowl, keys, phone, headphones.

Bisforbert Tue 02-Jun-20 20:59:29

My friend bought me a Bogg bag for Christmas www.bogguk.com, I do sometimes use it on longer walks but daily it's treats and poo bags in pockets, although annoyingly my new favourite jeggings don't have proper pockets aaargh

cherrypiepie Tue 02-Jun-20 21:00:38

Yes it's so annoying if you don't have pockets.

Poo bags, dog treats, piece of kitchen roll, phone and key.

Found that I could stash loads in my wellies and socks grin.

Was also considering a small pouch to attach to ddogs harness but never got that far. He never went of lead and always carried his own poo bags! He was 40kg tho so a big doggo.

TheHoneyBadger Tue 02-Jun-20 21:02:29

I leave the door unlocked as ds is usually in. Just need the one piece of kitchen roll or a poo bag as I have a raw fed chi who does tiny chalky poos.

To be fair we don’t do long walks these days but several shorter ones because of the heat. It’s also handy with a little dog to be able to pick them up if on hot pavement and put them down when you get to grass. I burnt my own feet whilst putting the bins out barefoot last week so am even more conscious of his feet burning.

Chocolategirl79 Tue 02-Jun-20 21:04:26

I take a dog walking bag (Amazon) which is so handy. Everything fits in it and it's cross body so I don't have to carry it. And everything stays in it so I don't faff each time we just pop out. Poo bags, treats, sanitiser, phone, keys, cash card, £10 note, folded carrier bag (in case I stop at shop). It doesn't have a water bottle but has a clip to attach one. It was a relegation.

ErrolTheDragon Tue 02-Jun-20 21:09:24

Poo bags, pocket pack of tissues, water.
He much prefers streams and puddles to bottled water, but if there isn't any then an unused poo bag works perfectly well for him to drink out of, with a bit of care, and much easier to carry than a bowl.

For myself, obv key and phone, maybe sunblock, a buff, sunglasses etc depending on weather and length of walk.

If we're having a picnic then we take a bagful of mini markies for the dog.

CherryPavlova Tue 02-Jun-20 21:14:40

Whistle and treats
Not much else usually.

LaurieSchafferIsAllBitterNow Tue 02-Jun-20 21:29:33

we have a few dog bags...they do wander a bit but ideally it's one in each car , and one at home and a couple of spares for when dh has left one behind somewhere!

plus emergency bonies and poo bags in every coat pocket/handbag

the two main dedicated dog bags have hand gel, tissues, poo bags, treats, spare collar, the tick card is in one of them cos I am too tight to buy loads, spare sunnies and a pair of foldy up reading glasses, person water and dog water...depending on season!

the little ones are brabantia peg bags...they clip onto a belt loop/coat as they have a carabiner on them and they are just really poo bags, treats, tissues and hand gel ...space for phone/keys in them.

Next dog I have is going to have one of those fancy harnesses with bags on so they can carry their own stuff grin

Floralnomad Tue 02-Jun-20 21:34:27

For usual walks I have poo bags , house keys , phone and headphones , ball thrower and spare ball ( which the dog carries) , if I’m going to be out for long in the heat I’d take water .

Smallsteps88 Tue 02-Jun-20 21:37:38

A bumbag with hand gel, tissues, poo bags, keys, phone, tennis ball, and some treats.

steppemum Tue 02-Jun-20 21:46:53

I do 1.5 hours every morning, and I take less and less!

I always wear shorts with pockets in summer and jacket with pockets in winter.

One pocket has dog treats
back pocket has my phone.

back door key left under flowerpot in the garden
poo bags are in the thingy on the lead

if the dog is allowed a ball (not at the mo due to limp) then I take a ball and thrower.

In the summer we always walk where we cross the river a couple of times, so no need for water for the dog.

HaveYouSeenMyBones Tue 02-Jun-20 21:46:59

Some great tips here! Thanks everyone smile

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LockdownLucie Tue 02-Jun-20 21:50:36

Usually just poo bags, keys, phone & small hand sanitizer,

If I had a little bag it would be the above, my asthma inhaler, small packet of tissues & some water.

MrsJackRackham Tue 02-Jun-20 21:52:12

Dog, poop bags, phone and keys. I don't let him off the lead as he's a whippet and massive flight risk with me (no authority 🙄)

SansaClegane Tue 02-Jun-20 21:54:21

I only take phone/keys and poo bags.
When it's hot like now I make sure we walk past lakes / streams so she can cool down and have a drink at several points during the walk; pre-corona if we'd drive somewhere to walk, I'd take a large bottle of water and a small bowl as well. And one for me! grin

Bertucci Tue 02-Jun-20 21:56:41

I like to leave my phone at home, so poo bags are all I take.

My dh however, embraces his inner nerd boy scout and takes a small backpack full of things he might just need.

Ughmaybenot Tue 02-Jun-20 22:00:03

Er.. phone... dog... That’s about it.
I am very fortunate, I live on a farm, and it runs down into a woodland area, along some cliffs, and dog has impeccable recall, so I really don’t need anything else.

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