It's his birthday!

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weegiemum Sun 31-May-20 23:22:39

Here is my fabulous Tibby. He's a labradoodle, a very good boy and he's FOUR today which means he got a whole bag of his favourite treats (Wotsits!) and 2 barbecued sausages for tea! It's hot and the groomers are closed, but he's had a fantastic day!

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littlealexhorne Sun 31-May-20 23:26:57

Happy birthday Tibby! I hope you enjoyed your Wotsits and sausages!

TokyoSushi Sun 31-May-20 23:34:27

Happy birthday Tibby! What a beautiful boy!

copperoliver Mon 01-Jun-20 00:16:08

Happy Birthday Tibby. Glad you had a great day. X

Girlintheframe Mon 01-Jun-20 06:14:58

Awwww Happy Birthday!

forsucksfake Mon 01-Jun-20 08:14:46

🥳 Happy birthday!

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