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Dog...pain?...found a lump.

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LongLiveTheQueenBee Fri 29-May-20 12:18:28

We have a large breed crazy dog who doesn't sit still for more than a minute.
Tuesday he was unusually quiet, we made an appointment for the vets for Wednesday pm
Wednesday he picked up, barked like crazy at the postman and just seemed more his normal self so we cancelled the appointment. Figured he had been having an off day because of the heat and he hadn't eaten because dh bought the wrong flavour food and fussy dog doesn't like beef!!

Yesterday he went quiet again. Ate slowly but everything. Checked him all over and couldn't see anything wrong (no cuts, broken teeth, etc) but he felt a bit warm. Decided to phone vets in morning.
Today we got up, he's hardly eaten anything even when we got him the right flavour food and added a bit of tinned meat which he only has as a treat. He's quiet and I've noticed a lump on his neck. It's like palm size and fluid filled. He lets me touch it so not painful. It wasn't there yesterday as like I said we checked him all over.
He's not drinking much
Still passing urine and pooing
Still alert
Drooling more than normal

He has an appointment at 4pm. we have to pass him to the vet in the car park, then we can't go inside.

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Loubylou79 Fri 29-May-20 20:32:10

No advice but I hope all was ok after the visit to the vets?

LongLiveTheQueenBee Fri 29-May-20 20:56:08

Vet says it's an infected lymph gland. He has had an injection of anti biotics and pain killer and has 5 days worth of tablets to start tomorrow. Along with an appointment on Thursday should the lump not go.

He had to go in to the consultation room alone. Took 2 vets to examine him (he's strong) and when one went out to fetch the injection he pulled the other one out of the room to follow.

Fingers crossed the anti biotics work x

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LongLiveTheQueenBee Sat 11-Jul-20 14:14:55

Well that lump went within a few days with the antibiotics.
However today he has another lump on his neck/jaw line. Been to vets who have (in dhs words) stuck a needle in it and made Ddog scream, and taken bloods.
Hoping he's just unlucky and has another infection. Bloods back in about 5 days.

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moosemama Sat 11-Jul-20 15:06:53

This sounds similar to something that happened with our old girl.

Fluid filled swelling under the jaw on her neck, then another, antibiotics would clear them, but then they came back.

In the end they took her in to have a look down her throat and it turned out she must have got hold of a twig and chewed it up. (We don’t let them have sticks, so she must have found one in the garden somewhere.) She had a splinter embedded in her throat that had become infected and tracked forming pockets of infection in different areas of her neck. They removed the splinter, cleaned everything up, put her on strong antibiotics and she made a full recovery. Vet said they’d never seen anything quite like it.

Reading your thread just made me think about it. It might be worth asking if they can check, just in case.

If they ‘stuck a needle in it’ it sounds like they were aspirating it for testing. I‘d assume those results will be back alongside the bloods and should give you a clearer idea of what’s going on.

Let us know how he gets on.

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