Does anyone want to help me find us the ideal rescue dog ?

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frumpety Thu 28-May-20 21:36:16

We are looking for a dog. The home we can offer has an enclosed garden with 6ft fencing, someone around 95% of the time, everyone has previously lived with a dog. We have a cat and the youngest child is late primary age. Prefer a male dog and one that is people friendly. Can work on other issues if neccessary. If I was being picky I would prefer something short haired or shortish haired and medium/large sized. Live semi-rural so loads of great local walks. Age wise , not a puppy but other than that open to all ages smile

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fivedogstofeed Thu 28-May-20 21:41:22

Yes. smile

Hoppinggreen Thu 28-May-20 21:42:18

Black retriever x rescue

CheeryCherry Thu 28-May-20 21:43:43

I’d like a rescue dog too! A female, has to be good with cats. Have an enclosed garden and I like cuddly dogs - but not tiny ones! Been looking for a while now with no luck.
Good luck OP!

frumpety Thu 28-May-20 21:48:37

Cat has lived with a dog and has put up with a selection of dog visitors , doesn't run, might hiss, but generally ignores canines unless they stand on him grin

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fairydustandpixies Thu 28-May-20 21:49:27

A staffie! Adorable and great with kids.

RoseDog Thu 28-May-20 21:52:19

Another vote for a staffie!


frumpety Thu 28-May-20 21:55:30

@CheeryCherry how about a little SBT ? very cuddly and smiley, some can happily live with cats, I think there are a few little cuddly puddings in rescue who enjoy a snuggle and a blankie and won't eat cats smile

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frumpety Thu 28-May-20 21:57:37

Ha ! crossposted with Rosedog and Fairydustandpixies smile

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CheeryCherry Thu 28-May-20 21:57:57

I do love staffys- definitely on my list!

taptonaria27 Thu 28-May-20 21:59:52

Lurcher! Ours is amazing, very cuddly( thinks he's a cat), placid, lived with our cat, loves to walk - it's a joy to watch him run but he can cope with no walk too.
Try Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue or Greyhound Gap.

frumpety Thu 28-May-20 22:01:08

Where are you roughly @Cheerycherry ? Will keep my eyes peeled for you.

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frumpety Thu 28-May-20 22:02:34

Ah @taptonaria27 I do love a long limbed beastie and the multitude of ways they fold themselves up on a sofa grin

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Emmagen Thu 28-May-20 22:04:43

I think there is an element of luck with rescues. We went to a rescue to see a lurcher puppy and came away with a 5yr old staffy cross, otherwise known as the perfect dog. She is now 12 and still awesome. We saw her displaying behaviour we knew would work with our situation (extreme patience with another dog and my dad's dog is a pain)

I know at the moment you can't just go to a rescue but you can phone them. Most local rescues would be delighted to help someone looking for a larger dog, especially if you'd consider a staffy. They know the dogs best and may be able to suggest dogs that would suit you.

CMOTDibbler Thu 28-May-20 22:07:00

A lovely lurcher would work for you. I foster for EGLR, and have two lurchers of my own and three cats (plus chickens). There aren't any cat friendly dogs in at the moment - but of course we haven't been taking anyone in apart from extreme emergencies during lockdown. You'd want to follow on FB to see dogs as they come in as the cat friendly ones go quickly (all dogs are in foster, and several of the fosterers have cats).

CheeryCherry Thu 28-May-20 22:13:24

I’m in West Yorkshire but could travel anywhere in Yorkshire or even over to deepest darkest Manchester. I’m on every Facebook rescue site possible!

frumpety Thu 28-May-20 22:14:44

@Emmagen I am being a lazy mare and hoping rescue type people might read my post and think 'oh that big house destroying clumsy clutz that doesn't eat people or cats, sounds like the perfect match for Frumpety ' grin

Will ring a few tomorrow and leave our details, although I am happy to travel for the right dog.

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Figgygal Thu 28-May-20 22:19:21

There are a lot of people getting dogs at the moment due to being home so there’s a lot of competition for dogs

Would you consider a Bosnian/Romanian rescue and imported dog there’s a scruffy dog rescue on Facebook that work that way

frumpety Thu 28-May-20 22:19:42

@CheeryCherry , have you looked at Woodhaven kennels ? they are lovely and then there is Moorview which is in North Yorkshire ? And Helping Yorkshire poundies ?

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CheeryCherry Thu 28-May-20 22:22:03

Yes I’m on the last one ..will find the other two. Thank you!

frumpety Thu 28-May-20 22:30:33

Thank you @CMOTDibbler will have a look on their site smile

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FruitPastillesaregood Fri 29-May-20 13:40:54

I’m also looking for a rescue dog. I long for a dog. Preferably collie cross or retriever cross. Or just retriever. Needs to be okay with cats and house trained. It is SO hard to find a dog in rescue. I e been looking for ages. They all either hate cats, need to be homes with other dogs or have serious behavioural issues. Those that don’t just go before they’re out on the website. I don’t want a puppy. Why is it so hard to find what I’m looking for?

bunnygeek Fri 29-May-20 13:49:29

Contact your local rescues, fill in forms, have a chat. Don't rely on listings - a lot of rescues don't have time to keep those fully up to date and the highly-desirable cat-friendly child-friendly dogs are usually adopted so fast they don't even get a sniff on the websites.

Contact rescues, speak to them, some are doing video call interviews with remote-home checking instead of going into rescues as you would pre-pandemic times.

spotlighton Fri 29-May-20 23:48:57

Dogs Trust bring dogs over from Ireland fruit they might have some (either currently or after lockdown) suitable dogs if you are near a centre? I think they move dogs between centres too.

Scootingthebreeze Sat 30-May-20 00:01:06

If you're not opposed to rehoming from abroad there are some good rescues (and some not so good ones). If you want to PM me I'm happy to let you know the ones I've been monitoring and am now rehoming from (don't want to put on here as might be very outing)

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